Song Hye Kyo In The Movie Is Afraid Of Bad Legs, So Every Day Massage With This To Reduce Fat Fat

Song Hye Kyo loses a lot of weight to get a slender shape balance when playing a fashion designer of a reputable company of Korea.0: 00/1: 13 Namnhan soul of Song Hye Kyo for a long time Can argue. In the new movie, that beauty again caused the people to flutter. It is known that Song Hye Kyo loses a lot of weight to get a slender shape balanced when playing a fashion designer of a prestigious Korean company.Song Hye Kyo in the movie press conference "Now, We are Breaking Ups both beautiful and slender

. Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo took over) is also a woman outside 30 who is always busy with work, living in reality without being a love. It is also afraid of Young Eun. "Old and degraded" themselves
Every day go to work busy with the work, pierced the legs in the couples of the high heels. Age 30 as she applied. In fact not only Young Eun but a lot of Korean stars also do this to reduce stress for the legs as well as help slender slender legs. Young Eun tries to take aches and pains to massage for his feet. This is one of the movements that are a lot of coach Fitness Guide and doing every day to reduce fat for legs and shoes P Legs are comfortable with pleasant and stiffened veins. Sisters are assured of a short skirt showing off the slender legs if this movement regularly daily every day. Milde ah (Girls' Day) also maintains a habit of foot massage, while pressing a strong part of the bones in calves and liquids Can and write my feet all times. This not only helps relax the stretching muscles but also has the effect of reducing swelling.Luna of F (X) has a special massage with two tennis balls that help slip thighs, their calves make viewers Not unexpectedly. Luna has also been criticized for his legs, but thanks to maintaining this simple habit but her legs also have a significant change
From the rough leg she now she has a niche legs like Italy, Jennie (Black Pink) owns a piece of thousands of love. She also shared that she always carried yoga around her for massage to relieve pain in the shoulder, neck or legs every time I sit at a car. The loop has more uses than you think, in addition to massage also helps to open the shoulders, firmly firm, improve back problems. In addition, it also helps the sloping calf that does not reveal the tendon of hardness. Good and beautiful

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