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Musicians doing music for films sometimes have composed the song is already popular long, so there's nothing to discuss. Only things worth mentioning is that the effectiveness of those songs are, whether it adds to the viewers perception deeper, or vice versa, only diminishes the value of the film? In cinema Vietnam, each many songs, live forever with time originated from the films, so musicians doing music for the film was composed. Can mention: "Songs on the Mountain" by Nguyen Van Thuong (movie "Couples A Negative"), "The song is not forgotten" by Pham Minh Tuan (movie of the same name), "United Dairy" of Hong Dang (movie "Hanoi season nesting birds"), "my sister," Trong Dai (film "the Hanoi"), "Wait for calling me so many times" by Trinh Cong Son (movie "Sin in the end"), "Looking forward Convention ancient memories "of Xuan Phuong (movie" Ahead is the sky ") ..

. the songs just told flew out of film, independent existence, durable parked in the public memory. Many people do not know the source and origin as noi.Phim "Spouses A Negative" songs or "Song of the mountains" That is one of the few songs, mostly appearing in feature films, also drama (PTH) is so rare
It's a fact: people do not always write the soundtrack is the song, because it's two completely different jobs. Writing music for movies is to make music without lyrics, the writer should have some understanding of harmony, instrumentation can be done, just listen to the director's suggestion to suit each movie. But writing songs, the musicians need to be thinking of literature, able to compose lyrics and rich repertoire of musical material. Who traces song or not necessarily the person with knowledge of harmony, instrumentation; on the contrary, people have this strength is not necessarily wrote popular songs hay.Tinh current situation is hardly any drama - especially soap operas - also have at least one song. There are also two post movie. Because the owner name, the composition film in the beginning (generique), then addresses the crew should "thank you" at the end is too long (sometimes to chip three minutes), the need to have a song that echoes up. So people had to squeeze out as music tracks, though not write. Melodies bland, banal, West is the West, Tau is not a ship, the musical phrase patchwork head Wu himself Department has created the song easy, innocuous, very much when nothing to do with movie content, causing suffering ears, sometimes even counter cam.Dien picture for this condition can be found in many collective drama called "the family"
This is a film nothing memorable, among many dramas fade, if not weak. And the remarkable thing of all is the emergence song was ... weird melody messy, glitch, alien to the ears of the people of Vietnam. Listen to this song, the audience can feel like you are in a country where the first take, not living on the homeland minh.Toi still remember clearly the occasion to celebrate 1000 years, Vietnam Television Men have long drama premiere "Nep home". This is a movie of the "mediocre", but be serious. Listen to the title of the film, exactly who also envisioned to content, issues the authors would like to mention and of course it has to evoke something that has elements of traditional, quaint with room pure Vietnamese, as called "Sticky home". So that song first appeared in the film is so inept, nothing to do with the film. Tone patchwork, hybrid that should content the film waiting for a song to bold flavor ethnic folk style clarity, from material created melodies the way remixes for traditional orchestra and the voice of singer si.Neu who have the opportunity to regularly monitor Vietnam movies (VCTV2), will find there are too many songs appeared in the film leads viewers can not "digest" although there are no movie that poor quality of art, was the author of a serious labor movies (except for people making music). Can mention some film songs ... too bad in the film is not so bad: "Contrary bitter", "The private heaven", "Chau Sa", "One time I kicked the ball", "Crystal is not fragile "," sons Saigon force "... Movie" Ahead is the sky "that song" Wish the old memories ".Sang the song, but do not need to have a higher degree of music, song writers need qualified literature, sensuality is deeply cinematographic works. Songs help viewers comprehend, better penetration of the author thought that the film wants to move to the viewer. Already a song is compulsory compliance, achieve the requirements for this category of ways: research material to make up the melody, structure, layout, handling rhythm and compose lyrics (Answer) .A table thing is not necessarily to have movies every song. Only if the film should have a rich literature. Let's look into the field of plastic films. A lot of movies or, entirely possible for the song to appear, but the musicians did not do and does not require directors. Ultimately the film still or (such as

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