‘sounds’ Ta Anh Letter-revolutionary Women’s Poetry 21st Century 21

Each poem in the episode 'sound' makes the poet Ta Anh letter find himself at the present time, a person is still more static, more calm and understanding. Experiment to take a poetry of the Vietnamese people Ants transforming when more and more participation of young poets, bringing ancient nostalgia of the ancient times but also carrying the breath of modern, fresh in every word. The audio of the poet Ta Anh Thu has just been published, most clearly showing the revolution of the 21st century of the 21st century. Ta Anh poet in 2017, the world of the Southern competition to practice stranger poetry of a poet Young Ta Anh Thu. At that time, the reader was impressed by the sentences from the image in each verse in the stranger

. Even, a literary literature critic that had to say, Ta Anh letter made poetry with the eye of the eye Photographers who are often observed by sisters are often observed, placing humanity from close to life for a reader to fly in every word. By 2018, female lecturers of Thu Dau Mot university continue to send to the poetry "who is in the heart of the wound" affirms itself to everyone about a freshness but is equally nostalgic about the ancient life, where the beauty of the children People, especially women are full of respondment. The most revelation, the poet Ta Anh Thu continues to send readers to practice poetry "sound" with the very own material of the person looking for the vibrations in the main vibrations Things took place around themselves
With this "negative" episode this time, Ta Anh poet shared: "We are just small dust particles between this universe. I'm very t Hit this saying of M. Gorki: "Every person came, singing his song and then". So simple! "The sound" is my current of the present and I love that person. In the soundstage, I find myself static, more calm, more understanding ". With each of my poems, Ta Anh Thu does not choose to give me the way to" expose the soul "in poetry but instead "Observe and experience" to speak words. This poet is always waiting to see what every day life will bring any surprise and enjoy it. For you, both joy, the sadness is beautiful and me Thong Khuyen welcomes them in this human life. "The poetry poetry" poet Ta Anh Thu was born in 1982, currently living in Binh Duong. In addition to the lecturer lecturer at Thu Dau Mot University, she also Have your joy to bring the eyes to see, headphones in each of my poems
New steps into the exam of the southern cultural world is not too long but the poet Ta Anh Thu has caused many surprises and Good sympathy in the heart of the colleague. Don't comment on this young poet, poet Do Anh Vu said: "The sympathetic, multi-purpose of the poet Ta Anh Thu Leave a lot of sweet sounds for readers ... even for happy, joy available Little but so much to bring a murderer, it is much, but it's not sad or the wounds of heartiness is still like an inevitable second side of this life ". Mr. Letter is quite charm with short poems, words Four to six words. It can be seen that the thought and philosophical thinking is the outstanding point in these articles and it is also a advantage of Ta Anh Thu poetry, which we are very few in other female writing trees. Chat with Ta Anh Thu, you will see my life is beautiful from that moment because of it ... I will know our beloved and love the human life. Do Anh Vu said that the reader received a poetry gift and saw his heart vibe, it was then, the value of poetry added again It is asserted in life. And every time I read Ta Anh Thu Poetry, Mr. Vu got himself giving me those viges. I remembered, when I finished reading "people are willing to bring the wound" of Ta Anh Thu , I myself also found out the co-written feeling: "It gives a wound / let me go to the end of the road to find me / wait from the waiting day to night / until I quietly sink in my love / Then I suddenly come, umbrella / but why can't I reach my hand / I stay near, I'm far away / looking at me like looking at the moon / road to the rain of wind John John / soul into a nude dew irrigation grass / The whip was inherently unrogated / willing, I accept the wound on me ... ". (Regend) Linh Dan

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