Miss, my name is a bowl, every time she gives me the soup, I bring it right to my mother to eat, because my mother is hungry. Every day, I go to begging to feed my mother., But don't understand why you can see any money, my mother is hungry. Without a soup cake, she gave every day, I'm sure my mother stares up! Subsure the soup (Illustration, Source: Internet) A touching story of 324 Binh Trong ceiling, has a shop of soup, small Baby, simple. But every morning, people came to eat quite large, crowded

. Not known how this soup shop is available. Restaurant curses so there is no name. The familiar guests of the shop, happily put for the name of the name of her beautiful
The restaurant only has a simple wooden table, on it to some bowls and cups. Besides being a charcoal furnace, on which placed a fragrant soup cooker. The shop herself hires the walls on the wall of a building. Before the shop only has two old small tables and five seven chairs. Many customers come to eat soup cakes, they carry the seats. Operating the trade, only she was a pretty girl. A day, she was beautiful, she was about seven, eight years old, sick, watching her serving guests, with his eyes. She asked him: "Do you want to buy soup cakes?" It answered immediately: "I don't have money." He still stood there, his eyes looked at the soup cakes for guests. She understood, she told him: "She gave me a soup cake
" It stuttered: "I don't have money." She was happy to say: "You give me, she doesn't charge it." When she was pretty to put the cake for the boy for him, she thought it would be happy to hit the soup to the soup. But she was surprised that the boy didn't eat, but carefully broke the soup cake into the alley. A moment later, it returned to pay for her and lucky thank you. This scene is going on, acting back many days. One day, she was curious to ask him: "What's my name, like you're in this neighborhood? Why do you give me the soup, I don't eat right away, where are you going? " It slowly replied: "Miss, my name is bowl, every time you give me the soup, I bring it right to my mother to eat, because my mother is hungry. Every day, I go to begging to feed my mother., But don't understand why you can see any money, my mother is hungry. Without a soup cake, she gave every day, my mother died! "When listening to the baby told his mother's situation, she was pretty to spicy spicy in her eyes, two tears flowing down the cheek. She told him: "From now on, every day I come back here, you send the cake for my mother to eat." Touched guys looked at her and trembling and saying: "Miss, for the first time I met a mother's midweaway like that!" Thanks to her beautiful soup cakes, she lived in the day. A few years later, her mother died. At that year, I was 10 years old. When my mother took it, the village knew her situation, so they contributed money to help me buy the box for my mother. After my mother, the ward came to ask it a house sovereignty. Do not know what the sovereignty paper is, so it said it was not available; They chased it to get home. From it, the day he wandered in the city to ask for food and night to sleep in the old cargo wheels removed in Saigon train station, near Ben Thanh market. There are also many homeless children, begging like it, staying at night. They live in harmony, do not fight or win each other's clothes. They deal with each other, relying on each other to live. A day has a news that he said: "Hey, tomorrow at the temple for free vegetarian dinner!" They broke up: "Which temple plays delicious?" "Old Pagoda!" Noon the next day, they gathered east enough at the temple field waiting to eat rice. They are volunteers, led to a table and feed their abdomen. After eating, they automatically disappear throughout Saigon city. But the bowl stays, it helps wash the dishes to the temple. It is hardworking, along with volunteers at the temple, washing the cup of cups. It was unexpectedly, in a corner of the dinner, the venerable abbot was silently observing the working attitude of this beggar. Before it was about to leave the temple, the abbot to his side, smiling and asked him: "Where are you here, what is your family?" To rank with the teacher: "Teacher, my parents died, every day I went to begged and evening about sleeping in the drums in Saigon Station. Every day, I would like to get in three dongs, buy a loaf to eat, every day I don't have to get anything, you can do it! He stroked his hair and intimately said: "I stayed in my child in the temple, I will work in the temple like other cottage!" From there, it from the fake "train car" and stayed in the temple Old Lam. He saw it cute, passionately diligently, he loved it and gave it to school. In addition to school hours, it watered the bonsai before the temple field. In particular, the teacher gave it a mission of a bell and a bell every day, at 7 pm. It lives gentle so everyone in the temple who loves it. It is smart, diligently learned, so several years later it graduated with a junior high school. Excessively, praise it; He recommends learning. He told him to go to college entrance, knowing where he would bless it. He promised it, if the bean and

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