South African People Began A Cleaning Campaign After Violent Protests

In the town of Alexandra in the north of Johannesburg, the place was heavily devastated in a violent rally and lobby in the past week, people are busy cleaning the debris instant: 00/3: 04 Possible objects in a commercial center in Vosloorus, South Africa on July 14. | (Photo: AFP / VNA) On July 17, life is gradually returning to normal in South Africa when volunteers and community groups began to clean up the rubble, stores are reopened And the truck returns to the main highway. In the center of Johannesburg city in Gauteng province, most stores are still repairing damaged infrastructure. Only some stores have reopened. In the town of Alexandra north of Johannesburg, where heavily devastated in the violent rally and lobby in the past week, people are busy cleaning the debris

. Some long queues try to buy Food from a few stores is still open. Police and South African soldiers still maintain a dense presence at a number of key commercial centers and key basises. According to the report of local media, at least 20 businesses, Different non-governmental and non-profit organizations joined 40,000 bread drives and 40,000 liters of milk for communities affected by violence and plunder in the Durban port city
Some leased flights such as diapers and formulas flying from Johannesburg and surrounding areas to Durban.After the highway N3 - the arterial road connecting two provinces of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, okay Open, hundreds of trucks left Johannesburg from the morning of July 17, filled with food and other essential items to supplement KwaZulu-Natal's looting stores. South Africa (sama) Angelique Coetzee welcomes reopening the N3 highway and indicates that the instability has affected the provision of health care services in KwaZulu-Natal. She stressed to quickly and orderly to ensure that health workers can begin to start providing suitable and effective health care services in the province. " Fuel stations in KwaZulu-Natal are spending priority lane and pumps for other essential medical staff and employees. These are very important to ensure the continuation of medical and emergency services and these fuel stations must be welcomed because of their remote vision. "The latest official figures said 212 The person who was killed in violent and looting protests occurred in the eastern provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng after the former South African President Jacob Zuma was imprisoned for considering the court. 7, Minister of Justice and Correction Services South Africa Ronald Lamola has issued directions to promote prosecution and trial of people related to plunder and public violence in the past week. Lamola has asked to quickly resolve public violence cases, disturbing large public order and looters took place recently. This official emphasizes these guidelines will allow courts and systems
Justice of South Africa responds efficiently and appropriately to address cases that occur from recent instability and public violence. ive, if necessary, additional full-time employees include experienced retired judges and prosecutors will be summoned to monitor these cases. More than 2,500 people have been arrested regarding the The demonstration of violence in the country in the past week involves the former President Jacob Zuma being arrested for considering the court in the previous week ./. Hong Minh (VNA / Vietnam)

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