South Korea Opposed Japanese Ministers To Visit Yasukuni Temple

Yasukuni Temple worshiped more than 2.5 million Japanese people killed in the Second World War, including characters who are considered to be a criminal War A.The Defense of Japan Nobuo Kishi. (Source: Reuters) On August 13, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been a senior Japanese diplomatic official to protest the Japanese Defense Minister Nabuo Kishi to visit Yasukuni Temple in Tokyo.Theo Ministry Korean diplomacy, Mr

. Lee Sang-Ryeol - Director of the Asia-Pacific Issues Department of this ministry, expressed her fierce protest in the meeting Naoki Kumagai - Japanese Ambassador to Korea. Mr. Lee Sang-Ryeol emphasized that the Japanese defense minister visited Yasukuni Temple to damage the trust between South Korea and Japan
Before the same day, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and the Minister of Economic Policy and Financial Yasutoshi Nishimura visited Yasukuni Temple on the occasion of the Second World War of War Day. Ong Kishi is Japan's first current defense minister to visit Yasukuni Temple since the visit in December 2016 Atada's current Defense Minister was Inada Tomomi. Yasukuni worshiped more than 2.5 million Japanese people killed The second world war beebe, including characters who are considered a criminal arrogancy of A. Korea and China considering Yasukuni Temple are the symbol of the 20th century Japanese militia, so trips This visit of the temple of Japanese officials facilitates the strong opposition of the two neighbors. Thanh Phuong (VNA / Vietnam)

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