South Korea Promotes A Large Economic Plan, Blinking Opportunities Of Post-pandemic Era

Korea is one of the star economies that are accelerating in the Covid-19 era and also have greater plans for the future. In: 00/5: 15 South Korea has made a pre-strategic strategy OPPORTUNITIES IN THE HEALTH ENGINEERING COVID-19. Photo: Asia TimeStheo Asia Times page, the change in the Korean strategy has been introduced by government officials and private enterprises in the seminar with foreign reporters in Seoul on October 15. Big paintings that Korea is trying to draw in two main policy areas, including: post-gauge stimulation package "Korean New Deal" (new economic policy Korea) improvement, has been increased banks books and splitting three pillars; And stimulating foreign direct investment. Korean national century is like a diverse and flexible economic group, with core strengths in many fields of future taking

. Innovation index 2021 of Bloomberg, South Korea has a overall number 1 position, and is the seventh to win this position for the past 9 years. Bloomberg said that Korea is the country with the most exciting patent activity in the world, ranking second in the strength of research - development (R

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