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Playing the role of a poor house, house repairers, male star stands still for a dark makeup. Many people believe that this is a factor that helps them look healthy and attract more than 9:00 to 5: South Vietnam to ensure fresh appearance, highlights when appearing on small screens, male actors in Kim Chi province always makeup. Like female actors, they are also mifu than miles, dark eyebrows and tip. The lines are not too sharp, often expressing the naturalness. Naturally, many male actors are too bold when playing the house repairman, causing the true level of the film to decrease

. Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) - Male major occupation, living in coastal fishing village in Hometown Cha-cha-cha - is the most obvious provision for this. Dark makeup makes actors less actors? In 2020, Seon Ho impressed a strong impression when contributing to the Start-up drama with Suzy. Taking on the role of successful businessman, having a luxurious apartment overlooking Han River, he always appeared with an elegant appearance
His makeup layer is always thoroughly spinning with pink lipstick, bold eyebrows, black coincides with hair.Son cough loyal with pink lip color, horizontal eyebrows in start-up (left ) and hometown Cha-cha-cha (right). Photo: TVN. Remove flashy image, he plays a multi-talented young man, can do many jobs at the same time as repairing houses, installing water pipes, selling inks ... in Hometown Cha-cha-cha. It is worth noting that the British makeup class is "equipped" in the film with an opposition to the situation and clothes. It still doesn't have a lot of change compared to when he plays Start-ups. In when the oversized shirt, the baggy shock shows the no focus on his appearance, the Make up "said" again
In some scenic scenes, the character Du Sik also looked feminine with the highlighted pink lipstick. Only when coming to the sick scene in episode 8, his lipstick was reduced. Not only Seon Ho, most actors in Kim Chi land also focused on makeup when they shape. Gong Yoo on the shoulder of the goblin also inevitably unavoidable pink lipstick. At that time, his co-star was Lee Dong Wook also carried outstanding red lipstick. Lee Jeong Suk in W. Also was also commented "lips like always bloody". Every exchange with BBC on this issue, Dr. Sun Jung - Author of masculine and cultural consumption in Korea - Recommendation: "This is a soft male trend. They are known for the name 'Khonminam' - combining from flowers and the US. This word is inspired by Japan's Shojo. It is a comic spent For girls ".song joong ki sticks with fresh pink lipstick in the sun descendant. Photo: KBS. However, she said this beauty trend does not make feminine actors, still holding strong temperament. She said that Song Joong Ki - the star of the famous Korean drama descends the sun - the embodiment of this. "He might be a Khonminam. But as a special force captain in the army, he is also a tough person," said this doctorate to comment. The Qora FAQ also stated This issue and accepts about the interest of the network community. Account holder Alisa Wong expressed its chord: "Like the reason for women with makeup, lipstick and men help actors look more luxurious and naive. They look more attractive if they are interested in shape Outside ". A pink lipstick can help male main look healthier. However, many people think it's unnecessary. Donna Vaughn users said: "Their appearance makes me uncomfortable, because some people have been young. Therefore, they don't need to add too big lipsticks" .Phong movement "flowers, chalk" Welding in the 1980s and 1990s, the majority of the majorities were described as toughers in the films with a black society or detective theme. But all changed in the mid-1990s when SEO TaEji and The Boys group appeared. Elves Elfving Hwang Arrival from Western Australia University - who conducted extensive research on beauty and images in Korea - said: "These groups use the effects of rap, rock, techno and combine english language into music. They also begin redefining the beauty of men". Then, companies award Large positions begin to launch female and male groups. Their influence was commented by Professor Hwang as "unprecedented". Therefore, Kpop is one of the main reasons why Korean men makeup. The usual seeing the idol men appeared with smoke eyes, fresh lips in the MV and the show inspired many people. The first, makeup is considered to make idols to avoid faint In front of the camera. But it has become a common trend when men imitate the perfect soft masculine image of idols. However, this does not mean that men in Korea are dark makeup. Some celebrities really like natural appearance and dewy, called "Chok-Chok" in the land of Kim Chi. The picture of the male moses of dark makeup

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