Spain: Volcano Wakes Up After 50 Years, 5,000 People Have To Evacuate

Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma tourism island (in Canaries Islands, Spain) woke up after 50 years of sleeping. This fierce eruption causes the lava to shoot in the air and flow into the river towards houses in the two nearby villages. The lava spreads out from the Cumbre Vieja volcano (screenshot) only 2 hours after The explosions taking place, the lava spilled down the hillside from cracks around the volcano. The government was forced to order 4 nearby villages. The recorded images showed that many huge smoke columns, ashes, red lava shot high hundreds of meters high up from many points of the mountain fire

. At least 3 lava lines flowed into the hill, overflowing into agricultural land causing serious damage. Besides, lava is moving towards the coast and there will be more damage to facilities. Experts estimate, about 17-20 million meters of lava blocks are released from this eruption
However, this number is not official due to the need to wait for data from the measurement every day. Stavros Meletlidis, a volcanic expert at the Spanish Geography Institute of Information, the eruptions have "torn" 5 cracks on the hillside. Currently, it is still unable to identify the time of the eruption end.Isabel Fuentes (55 years old), people living on the island said: "When volcanic erupts, we were very panic. Maybe for others, this will be a spectacular spectacle but with people on the island, it is a disaster. I think the lava has spread to the house of my relatives ".Tro dust and lava sprays high hundreds of meters to the air (Reuters) Ms. Isabel also added, the last time Cumbre Vieja's voluntary operation In 1971, when she was only 5 years old. Currently, she and the family members have to move to another house to ensure the safety. The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres said in a press conference on the evening of 19
9 (localime Phuong): "We have evacuated 5,000 people. Thankfully without any casualties reported so far, "Angel added it is difficult to guess those who will have to go evacuated next. Many temporary areas have been built to serve shelter. Dozens of other areas have been placed in the highest alarm status. People need to be very careful and stay away from the affected area. Also on September 19, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to La Palma to discuss solutions to ensure people's safety. "We have all the resources to deal with natural disasters. People can rest assured. The army will also enter ". In fact, 200 security staff were mobilized to the area affected by volcanoes to support the evacuation. La Palma Island was placed in a high warning status after recording more than 22,000 vibrations Shock only in 1 week. It is known that Cumbre Vieja Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Canaries. In the way of waving in 1971, a man was killed when trying to take a picture near the lava line. In addition, the earliest eruption was recorded in La Palma was in 1430.Giger (according to Reuters)

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