Speakers, Journalists Nguyen Tuan Anh: Does Sex Not Love?

Many boys claim to have sex with their girlfriends, when they are rejected, ask again: Don't you love me? So, with boyfriends, love, of course, must have sex? 0: 00/2: 12 South Vietnam is a situation where I have met when talking to students on the topic of love and sex. Actually sex is just a very small part of love. Real love must come from intellectual admission (leading to respect, respect); fans about the soul (oystone of souls); Fans on the body (leading to physical desire). With many men, love must be sex, despite a girlfriend who wants / like or not. The most important function of sex is to break and creative (rather than reproduction), and to achieve The break and creativity must start from the two sides, both of them want to do "it", both of them have the preparation of "that"

. Many female students confide the first time doing "that" always in a state of anxiety, even panic, but because of his lover, he still "suffers" and always in passive condition. "Creative and creative" things don't see, only the consequence of sexually transmitted infections sometimes lead to infertility and danger rather than unwanted pregnancy. If you know these risks can come to the person you love, your boyfriend deliberately demands? I think it's not
If your boyfriend still deliberately demanding the implementation, you don't really love or you are a sick. Fake, Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh Nanked, new culture is discussed in Vietnam. It was a culture to learn. Sex is not only instinct, not just an old present, do not need to learn, as many young people still think. Sexual culture has a lot to say, but I see there are three things you should pay special attention: 1. Need to equip the most basic knowledge of sex (psychology, reproduction, law ...); 2. Must respect each other (want others to treat themselves like this, treat people like that before); 3
Responsible for all your actions. You have not read this article, it can be forgiven, but I still ask and when you are rejected, ask your girlfriend: I don't love you ? Then the girlfriend should give up right away, unfortunately, because it's not love where. You should see the sex book is not only "that story" by the author is Professor, Dr., Doctor Barte Nhi - Top experts in psychology, mental and sexual education. Nguyen Tuan Anh

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