Special Capacity Only Seen In The Rich, The Poor Can Get

Even though there are the same starting points, the difference between the rich and the poor is the rich who always possesses a special capacity. Do you have no? 0: 00/3: 29nam south1 - Judgment capacity and independent thinking in economics have a kind of reasoning called: herd effect. When sheeps go together, there will always be a sheep before. It acts as a head of herd. So, when sheep shepherd, just control that sheep, the whole sheep will not be lost

. A man did an experiment: he put a fence in front of the sheep. When the head ded over the fence, the sheep behind also jumped over. Then he discovered an extremely interesting thing
He left the fence, but when the sheeps went, they still jumped over as if the fence still existed. In fact, the flock effects can understand like the breeze, follow the crowd, people I say what you believe, people do what you do follow them. Run the trend is not a bad thing. The scary is that you blindly follow the crowds, there is no thinking and his judgment. When you make any decision, consider it suitable for yourself. If you don't know what you want, what schools do, have to go in any direction. So when having trouble having a habit, you will be easily faltered, re giving up again. Living without principle, no conscious self-sense, until finally can only go around. That is why your life becomes trivial. Renise and independent thinking is one of the important capabilities that determine your life
So, want to improve your cognitive level, read more books, learn more, more thinking. This is extremely important that many people don't do it. . At the end, not only didn't progress, also lost myself. Is society really important? Important is extremely important. Some people can run up front, not they have good capacity, nor do they run fast, but because motivating themselves. It is society. Many friends will have many ways to choose from. But in fact, the most important is still living alone. All excellent people have this capacity. They are not afraid of lonely or lonely, they are willing to work independently. In fact, the stronger this capacity is stronger. Currently there are too many people who lack brave and work independently alone. There are people who live alone but no different from a team. And some people, live in a team but still forever just alone. Believe me, instead of spending time and strength for useless things, use it to focus on reading books, researching and perfecting themselves. Successfully removing yourself to find you. What is the biggest difference between the rich and the poor? Many people will think right away that the poor have less money and rich people have more money. This way of thinking is not absolutely right! The biggest difference between the rich and the poor is how to treat money, how to use money to serve themselves. The accumulation of wealth in the thinking of the poor is: working hard - earning salary - Spending - to reserve. The poor want to make money, but they always leave money in the bank. The accumulation of wealth in the thinking of the rich is: working hard - earning income - think of many ways to borrow money from banks - use numbers Loans to create money - get rich gently. The rich people always think of borrowing chicken to spawn, using the bank's money, the money of others to serve themselves and finally let them embark on the path to wealth. If you have to wait until When you save enough money to gain financial freedom and enjoy life, you may miss a lot of opportunities. Wanting to quickly achieve financial freedom, go to the minds of the rich, boldly borrowing and turn the loan coins into enrichment tools. Moc / KhoeVadep

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