Special Fish Cage In Nghe An Is Difficult To Consume Due To Covid-19 Translation

For several months, households raise cage fish in Cua Lo town, Nghe An as 'sitting on fire' because of the types of bass, Hong My fish despite the export period but due to Covid-19 translation Tiverton 9: 00/2: 42 South Southern To Charge, wait for the end of the epidemic every month Vo Van Tan, Thanh Cong, Nghi Thuy ward, Cua Lo town still has to spend more than 30 million VND to buy fish food. While the price of animal feed every day increases and increasingly scarcely increasing people to reduce the amount of food for fish, try to wait for the end of the epidemic. Nearly 10 years of attachment to cage fish farming but not yet Mr. Vo Van Tan, Thanh Cong, Nghi Thuy Ward, Cua Lo Town must headache to consuming fish like this year. Covid-19 outbreaks in Nghe An makes nearly 7 tons of bass, Hong My's Family cannot consume though it has been sold; Meanwhile, every month he had to spend more than 30 million dongs to buy food for fish

. Tong Vo Van Tan said, since October 2020, his family started to drop over 8,000 US pink fishes, bass. If every year, until this point the fish will be exported to a trader but so far his family has not sold a fish. Hanh Le The Anh, Dong Tien, Nghi Thuy ward, Cua Lo town There are 14 fish cages with more than 10 tons that cannot be consumed even though the fish has come to the period of sale
Also according to Mr. Tan, these fish are specialty fish, so the price is also quite high, ranging from 50,000-80,000 VND / kg / kg , so the consumer market is mainly serving tourists and hotel restaurants. However, this year due to Covid-19 epidemic outbreaks, tourism activities almost "freezes" so the output for the fish so it is difficult to meet with Mr. Tan with Mr. Le The Anh, the East Tien, Nghi Thuy ward, Cua Lo town. In order for 14 family cages to borrow banks more than 500 million VND invested. But so far, more than 10 tons of fish have been sold yet to sell yet, causing his family to worry. At first, Mr. Le The Anh left more than 1 ton of bass to wait for sale in the tourist season, occasion 30 / 4-1 / 5, but Covid-19 epidemic outbreaks caused him to sell it to sell. New fishes with more than 9 tons have also been selling but no one asks to buy
Before the situation, Mr. Le The Anh had to cut fish feed every day, if normally feeding 10 parts, now it reduced to 7 parts, even halved, trying to hold over Translate. "However, if this situation lasts until the end of the year, his family is not enough to power," Mr. Le The Anh said. The town of Cua Lo, Nghe An currently has about 45 cage fish farmers with Output is about 300 tons but still can't find out the output because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The previous year of specialty fish farming in Cua Lo town brings a high economic efficiency, so no matter where planning Fish cage farming but there are many fish farmers, mainly concentrated in Nghi Thuy ward and Nghi Tan ward. Dong Vo Van Ly, Head of Cua Lo Town Economic Department said, currently in the area is 45 farming households With about 300 tons of bass, Hong My; In particular, about 100 tons of fish have been exported but due to Covid-19 disease, it has not found the output. Becond the situation, Cua Lo town has a document to the Department of Industry and Trade and the district in the province Export supports connecting product consumption for people. Hopefully in the coming time, when the disease situation is controlled, people will find the output. Added and Photo: Van Ty (VNA)

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