Specialties Enhance Vitality Made From The Mouse’s Sensitive Department

Testicular courses are generally assigned to the effect of enhancing the energy. In particular, the more strategy of the animal, the more rare, the more ... are good

. People have known dishes from cow, goat, chicken ..
but it comes to rat tests. Strange with many people. Cuckling rats, many people feel shuddered to think of the dirty, foul that they bring due to liveliness in the sewer. The traces of the grass are pink, black tails. Caucasian rats, and there are ferocious grass drains, such as cobra. Then came after arresting skin, white meat meat like chicken. The set of mice is thrown away, only retaining the testicles like the balls, "lifting niu" as a treasure in the mouse dismissal of coconut water. Many gentleman hunting the rat dribbled grass to drink with the belief that they are like A natural Viagra, causing the eyebrows to be fully satisfied, affirming "class" in the area of the basic, meat rats are not very different from other mouse specialties such as coconut rats, rats , copper mouse in Ben Tre. Not yet demonstrated and the ability to improve the power in the bed beverage but many people are "knocked down" by the viscous, fat in the mouth of the rat render. Lily / Family

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