Spending 10 Million Dong To Buy Cosmetics For A While, The Attitude Of Her Husband Made His Wife Amazed

Looking at Tuan, the more thought about the sentence of the 'woman in each other in the husband'. Luong is to be a wife Tuan just after she graduated from university so there was no goofing. After marriage, the incense of the two children should be 27 years old and he looks at the person who seems to be 30. Boug to roll hard because of her husband because of her, don't have time to take care of yourself. The faded part is a story of course

. Currently, the children go to kindergarten, incense to ask for a job and deliver the housework for her husband. Out yourself anymore. Her body was thin with 43 kg, the gray face of acne was acne, clothes didn't have any souls
Many times the incense is also afraid to go to the street because of his selflessness, so ugly to people. You have never criticized my wife and ugly, so she also assured it. Although Luong Anh is not high but always telling his wife to buy children, buying genuine little and the couple will use anything. Working all day but go home Tuan still spends time playing with me, helping my wife clean ... Tuan is also saver, knowing for family, he plans to have 1-2 years to earn enough money to buy a single House to get rid of city rentals. Perhaps so that the incense did not dillasmed to fix the expensive things for themselves but only to take care of the children and save money to buy a house. But this time, after seeing her husband to praise the Korean actors Beautiful, beautiful skin, the incident is determined, even if she is scolded by her husband, she also decided to fix themselves. After all, if it is beautiful, it is because of her husband, let her be more confident every time home or shoulder together with you to go to the street
It is incense to bring your husband's income card to a portable cosmetics store "peeling corpses ". She bought a lot of sunscreen, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, some makeup items, but more than a tens of millions. Prepare the spirit of the spirit of spending spending on ridiculous, not saving things Nome. Yet she just came to Tuan's house to gently asked: "Today my mother went to break the barbecue, see what my mother buys what". Pay attention to the more appearance with what incense is worried, the husband said again: "Things on the face must buy a little bit without using it, but I don't say you to ask you company? Hearing what she said or how to buy Japanese is very good. "The handle also took a bracelet:" How this year I don't go to work, hard at home to take care of you and your children, until I have to live for me already. The story of the house he will worry, I keep buying some genuine cosmetic jars that use it, just I like it is okay ".nghe came here, hugging Tuan, marriage for 5 years but she never regreted Ignoring the rich boys to come to Tuan. It was also a sometimes women in each other in her husband, married, wealthy, only a man who loved and protected himself was happy Then.

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