Spending 143 Billion Dong To Buy Vaccines, The Vaccine Fund Is Nearly Vnd 8,500 Billion

According to the State Treasury, up to 17:00 on August 12, the Covid-19 Vaccine Foundation has a total support of VND 8,569 billion. The fund has just spent 143 billion VND to buy vaccines, if calculating the amount of VND 36 billion is being transferred by a number of units to transfer the bank, the Fund will have nearly 8,500 billion VND to VND 8,500 (00/1: 33 South Korea until the end of the year According to a plan of 75 million Vietnamese people, there will be Covid-19 vaccination with resources that need about VND 25,200 billion. Photo: TTXVN. Covid-19 disease is still stressed so many organizations and individuals still strengthen their support for Vietnam to buy vaccines; At the same time, contributing money to sponsoring breathing machines, medical equipment sends many hospitals treated for patients with Covid-19.Mites 12/8, representatives Techombank said: Techcombank has just donated medical equipment packages Equation to Long An and Vinh Long provinces

. Accordingly, financing Long An Provincial People's Committee 20 high-line breathing machine R860 worth more than VND 10 billion; donate the Department of Health and Vinh Long Provincial General Hospital 60 beds for electrical control for electrical controllers for Covid-19 patients; Continuing to support VND 10 billion sent to the Southern provinces against epidemic. Before that, VPBank also hospitalized an additional 1,000 high-line oxygen breathing machine for the southern "epidemic". Up to now, this bank supports a total of 1,715 high-end multi-purpose breathing machines and HFNC high-line oxygen ventilators and many other equipment and supplies
Not only in the country are agriculture, etc. Xa Xa Huong is also directed to Vietnam. Commission on overseas Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City has just informed: The Vietnamese community in Singapore has awarded 17,500 N95 masks for 22 hospitals, a rural area for patients with Covid-19 Southern area.Minh Phuong / News News

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