Spending 15 Million Money Every Month, Housewife Has A Delicious Enough Meal

Busy work, Ms. Truc still went to the kitchen, preparing meals for the family. According to you this is a way to help members more mounted. Husband husband and sister living in Ho Chi Minh City, with a private company, sisters directly manage the representative office. My job is extremely busy But it is a person who likes to cook, always attaches great importance to family meals so every time you have time, she enlisted to make a change for the whole family

. The job is busy but Ms. Truc still spends time cooking for family FAMILY. The advantage is that the market sells full food so she often goes to the market daily to buy fresh items, only the time of translation of Covid-19 outbreaks, she has just stored food
Ms. Truc attached to the dinner because it was the time when the family members gathered the most full of pants. "The morning carrying her children to go to school, I stopped in the market to buy food about processing about 30 minutes, pros First feeding food. About 5pm, I started cooking decoration to 6:30 as dinner. Mr. Xa and his children really like to eat cooking wives, it is a source of encouragement for me to have more determination and passion for standing kitchen, "Ms. Truc shared. The structure manually made a buffet for 25 people, Chi Fee for 3 million VND. The structure argues that the kitchen is the place where family members are cohesion. So even if there is a busy job, she still tries to spend time to cook delicacies for relatives and absolutely never let the kitchen "lack of fire"
Housewife still mentioned, her husband and children also enjoyed cooking. On the holidays or when you have free time, my family always goes together in the kitchen. "My commune often spoke to work on tired, seeing the wife's rice rice cooked not only delicious, and presented beautifully It is how much stress, fatigue dissipates, "she said. This housewife also revealed in family activities, she always has its own principle." I am quite a hard-to-spend. All revenues I always plan. The house consists of 4 members, if eating normally, without specialties, every meal will go to the market for about 100 to 150 thousand. Once changing seafood dishes or weekends, the market will increase at 300 to 500 thousand. On average, we spent about VND 15 million for eating and drinking, fruits ". The cost of a house every meal is as follows: Breakfast is 100 thousand, noon and the afternoon of about 150 thousand. The fruits are in the countryside Sometimes she bought, if she bought her will place the fruit limit of about 150 thousand per day. The structure said, during the meal the day before she would ask through the members the next day like to eat. That night, she recorded Paper things to go to the market tomorrow morning. "Buffet parties, their birthdays planning in advance, how many cups of dishes ... to buy in advance, onions of garlics are removed into the cabinet cold. Particularly, fresh food, I bought and processed and processed in the end ".Not only cooked, presenting Ms. Truc rice wheels is also very good. She shared that despite being busy, she still arranged work to do because the rice tray looks attractive to stimulate the taste of family members. Nguyen Thu Giang

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