Spicy Lover ‘horns’, The Girl Uses A Boyfriend’s Car And Crosses The Red Light 49 Times

The girl asked his crush to violate the traffic to revenge his boyfriend and caused a dislike and extremely funny cases.0: 00/1: 28 nam Dau southern suffering because love was the story that was not rare . Each person chose a different way to react to this, someone who chooses to ignore, someone chooses more negatively - hitting finance and wallet to the other person to be "feeling the pain". New Here, the police close to the traffic city of Thang Chau City, Zhejiang Province, China discovered that Audi cars violated traffic with a record frequency - 50 times in two days. The time of violations of the time was at 11am late until 2am, with 49 times the red light and once too speed

. When was arrested, the driver said he was hired by another driver only to. .
Violations. When I'm looking for the tenant named Zhu, he declared that he did this to help another girl they lou. Thorough investigation, the police analyzed the true foot of the incident. Accordingly, Zhu pursued the girl named Lou for a long time, but she had a boyfriend. Recently, Lou came to Zhu and asked him ... revenge her old boyfriend by driving traffic violations. After completing this, Lou will abandon his old boyfriend and dated Zhu.Lý Do of Lou who wants to revenge is that she discovers a new love boyfriend and is plugging in her horns
After finding the evidence that the others dated and photographed with others, she decided to use the red light to take revenge. Currently, the police have not yet issued a notice of the penalty for the driver with this "unblended" case.

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