Spokesperson Talks About China Asking For Cptpp

Reporters recommended that the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang commented on the fact that China and Taiwan (China) responded to join the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP) 0: 00/2: 55 NAM NAM at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized in the form of online in the afternoon of September 23, reporters recommended the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang to comment on the Chinese and Radio Loan (China) in turn to join the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP) .Ba Le Thi Thu Hang emphasizes CPTPP as a free trade agreement open, with comprehensive commitments In order to promote economic-trade among member countries. CPTPP is concerned by other economies and wishes to become a member showing the increasing role of the Agreement in promoting cooperation and economic link regional and international trade. According to regulations on relevant procedures, the economies want to join CPTPP needs to meet the standards of the Agreement As compliance with processes and procedures for joining new members. "Vietnam is willing to share its information and experience with China on participating in this Agreement" - Ms

. Hang said. Working at a factory in Gia Hung, Zhejiang Province - China. Photo: Reuters Chinese Trade Minister, Mr
Wang Wentao on September 16 said the country officially filed a member of the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP). Chinese trade, Trade Minister Wang Wentao sent an application to join CPTPP to New Zealand Damien O'Connor trade minister. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said Mr. Wang and Mr. O'Connor had a telephone war discussed the next steps. The following 11 countries signed in 2018, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. Initially, the Agreement is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and is considered an important economic counterweight for influence in the region of China.TPP when it is considered a center of America. When the former President Barack Obama turns strategic shaft to Asia. However, his successor, former President Donald Trump, withdrew US with the Agreement in 2017
According to Reuters news agency, joining CPTPP will be a great driving force for China after signing the Agreement The comprehensive economic operation area (RCEP) consists of 15 countries last year. Britain and Thailand also showed signs of interest in participating in CPTPP.Orestment of China's joining registration followed by Britain's similar move in January. About Taiwan (China) Entering CPTPP, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang for notebe that CPTPP is an open free trade agreement. CPTPP members have agreed on regulations on objects, standards, processes and accession procedures. Vietnam will consult closely with other members of CPTPP on the proposal to participate in this Agreement. Before, Taiwan Communications (China) said that this territory officially applied for joining Hiep Constructing comprehensive partnerships and trans-Pacific progress (CPTPP) and this will be publicly announced today 23-9.Duong Ngoc

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