Sports Arousing Inspired On Porsche Cars

It is known as a luxury sports car company but Porsche really went beyond, which is pioneering in disseminating sports car cultures to fans around the world. There are hundreds of automotive brands Different in world automotive history and each company has separate features. With Porsche, German carmaker created culture, arousing inspiring driving in each person with the products with imprint and value. Double 918 Spyder and Carrera GTCut when there was a chance to drive any car Which of Porsche, customers feel clearly the difference with excited emotions. This is given by the starting point of the luxury sports car company that each "conquered" many tracks from more than half a century ago

. The style of the German car has a history associated with the race. The milestone marked the beginning in 1953 when the Porsche 550 Spyder won the first race in Nürburgring, Germany, and in 1954 the sports car won the Carrera Panamericana race championship in Mexico. History Porsche Mounted In immediately with the race
By the beginning, Porsche successfully continued with many models in the following decades, participating and winning many races such as Rally, Formula 1, and racing racing required Durability 24 hours of Le Mans ... In addition, mentioning the first sports car model marked a new development and shaped the design language through the main Porsche, was 911, was born in 1963. When introduced for the first time, "Legend" Porsche 911 has always attracted the attention of car enthusiasts in the world. In 2017, the One Million 911 car shipped with the "Irish Green" colored Carrera S, designed with many unique features to honor the first 911 model in 1963. Say, this is an important strategic vehicle of the brand and a major contribution to maintaining Porsche as a large automaker owns unique style in the market. Different from each vehicle, Porsche Owning not too many models sold to the market but each product line has a characteristic, separate and remarkable sport but still complies with a brand's style. The substance of 911 cars is always mentioned as a "symbol", Porsche also unveiled a series of other unique cars in the last twenty years, such as 718 Boxster / Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera And the pure electric sports car series. In that, 718 Boxster / Cayman, born in the late 20th century the 21st century, the two-door cars, Two seats with the middle boxer engine for the sports steering experience with soft design mixed with dynamic, very high aerodynamics
It was officially sold since 2003, Cayenne is the first SUV of Porsche when The company soon grasped the trend of favoring high-roar cars of global consumers. With Cayenne, Porsche brings a leading luxury sports SUV with a powerful engine, just feeling impressive but still comfortable and comfortable. This is also a milestone showing that the German car company gradually aims to "family space" for some of his specific cars. Porsche launches the second SUV model called Macan has confirmed this, with click The ruler is smaller and the price is lower than Cayenne to reach more customers. This "tiger" of Porsche is a combination of flexibility, strength, charm and dynamism.Porsche Panamera with typical and attractive design language when Panamera is another special case when Porsche takes many years to decide to create a four-door sports car, four seats for more than 10 years ago. This is a luxurious saloon car loved by extremely eye-catching exterior design with the perfect curves and the perfect performance of a sports car, all carrying Porsche's DNA is very clear. When selling officially, Panamera is always one of Porsche's best-selling products on the world and in Vietnam. Luxury Saloon samples set up a private world for themselves; In particular, Porsche Panamera prominently prominently thanks to ensuring both sports and comfort for both drivers and passengers. With that it is a series of modern technology that is tweaked and updated through every life car.Taycan has the mission to conquer Porsche's electric car eucalyptus. Also inspired by racing cars but Taycan is a new model with a new model with The use of electrical energy to operate, mark the next step of the Porsche car company into the electrical era of electricity. First appeared officially in 2019 at the Frankfurt Automobile Exhibition, only a year later, Porsche Taycan achieved sales of more than 20,000 units, creating a great success for pure electric sports cars. And now the first tscans have rolled in Vietnam and get a lot of love from customers. Fifth month, many Porsche cars have just launched unique features and stretching on the segments different, however socks

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