Spring Bac Tu Artist Accompanies Evnhanoi In ‘new Summer’ Campaign

The Spring East Artist accompanies Evnhanoi in the "New Summer" campaign with the desire to share "secrets" using electricity economy, efficiency, last time, Hanoi City Power Corporation (Evnhanoi) has collaborated with Spring North Excellent Artist (Xuan Bac Nsu) implementing many attractive programs in the "New Summer" campaign. The new summer is the name in EVNHANOI's production and business campaign Ensure secure, continuous, stable and quality service and quality of the best service to customers in the capital in the hot season in 2021. In this campaign, electrical services are upgraded and improved In terms of quality and interface, to bring the best experience to electricity using electricity in Hanoi. In addition, the new summer is also a commitment of the Capital Industry in ensuring the reception and handling resources promptly, full the same highest quality for customer reflections; Ensure a stable operating system, continuously meets the reception of electrical service requests, contributing to the success of the campaign, providing safety, friendly, thoughtful for capital customers. Spring North accompanies Evnnhano's new summer "summer" campaign also has the companion of Spring Artists in many programs and works with attractive prizes to encourage people to participate in use and experiencing electrical services

. Especially, during the period from June 20, 2021 to the end of August 31, 2021, customers download the App Evnhanoi on the app store (App Store, Google Play) will have a chance Get many gifts in the program "Download App immediately - right away gift" from Spring North artist.Hy hopes that customers use electricity will be satisfied with the new program of Capital Electricity, to Really feel a marked change in EVNHANOI's customer service business in the past time. Program valuation "Download App immediately - right away Gifts" With Spring North artist! From 20/20/2021 to the end of August 31, 2021, if I download APP Evnhanoi for the first time, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from Spring North Artist! - Step 1: Download and log out APP Evhanoi at Appstore or Google Play
- Step 2: After logging in successfully, you will receive a congratulatory notification with a reward-winning code. Rewards will be announced in the month 9 years 2021 with attractive gifts: - 01 special prize worth 10 million VND - 01 first prize worth 5 million VND - 02 second prizes per prize of 3 million VND - 10 third prizes per prize of 2 million Copper-50 prizes encourage each prize 01 portable flashlight worth 869,000 VND by Schneider Electric Vietnam. Please contact us at: https://www.facebook.com/nghesi.nguyenxuanbacpv

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