Ssi President Nostalgia For The Securities Market Birth Day

On the Personal Facebook page, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Chairman of SSI Securities Joint Stock Company (HOSE: SSI) has shared about July 20, 2000, which Vietnam's stock market officially declared Truong works with 2 stocks first. SSI president nostalgia for the day of stock market births in the formation of Vietnam's stock market, must be time when the State Securities Commission in Vietnam was established under the Government's Decree No. 75 / CP on November 28, 1996. Two years later, on July 11, 1998, the securities market was officially born according to the Government's Decree No

. 48 / CP. However, the moment the most nostalgic investors in the stock market Probably on July 20, 2000, when the TP Securities Trading Center. Ho Chi Minh City officially went into operation with the first two stocks traded as REE and Sam
On his personal facebook page, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung said most people participants in the market were due to Dram Maze, wanting to try in the field is considered "Non-Prefix", only hoping that the market can survive and develop, not to be "dead" but no one has thought of being able to earn money . According to SSI President, since 2006, international financial institutions have bet on Vietnam "buy for the 10-year future", evidence that the amount of foreign invested investment in Vietnam has increased with speed dizzying, opening the first gold opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to mobilize capital expansion of scale.SSI once sponsored the Conference on Securities in 2004 "Many business owners, many investors become millionaires , The state participates in the market of international capital issuing bonds in foreign currencies ... dreams' build and operate efficient stock markets in socialist political institutions in V Nam 'has become a reality ", Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung shared on his personal Facebook page. He said that some young people wish for 10 years to the stock market will be the main capital mobilization for the economy , where everyone knows to invest and keep assets, the market will be more transparent and there are many products for investors to choose in accordance with their investment or speculation purposes, winning Losing due to the market, not dominated by the subjective factor. "The germination generation only hopes that the market survives the development, the generation today dreams of Vietnam stock market performs correct mission of the mission of me
There are many hardships on the road ahead but we have dream faith once again will come true, "SSI President shares. SSI Securities Joint Stock Company has recently been awarded the title of Lao Hero Dynamic because there has been a particularly excellent performance in labor and creativity from 2009 to 2019, contributing to the cause of building socialism and protecting the Fatherland.With this title, SSI is private enterprises The first multiplier of the banking finance industry became a hero unit.A LAN

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