Stabilize Life By Raising Dairy Cows

Dairy cow raising is one of the successful poverty reduction models of Soc Trang province over the years, especially areas with Eastern Khmer people living. Thanks for raising dairy cows but many households rise to sustainable poverty, ignite Prepare life. Typically, Mr. Son Hang, in Tra Bong hamlet, Tham Don commune, My Xuyen district. According to Mr

. Son Hang's share, his family began raising dairy cows since 2009 with the original only one. Due to the main livestock livestock according to old practices, do not know about farming techniques, the herd of cows often get sick, lack of nutrients, for very low productivity and milk quality. Therefore, despite trying to many years, the family's dairy farming still does not have much improvement
In 2015, there was a provincial dairy breeding project, in which, households participated in support Policy should he ask for the project. Accordingly, Mr. Hang began to study livestock techniques, supported breeds, cow, was regularly consulted by technical staff every time he met livestock issues. Since then, helping him be assured, boldly investing and developing cows. Mr. Hang confided, when taking good care, right techniques, the family's cows grows rapidly and for high-tall milk productivity. Tong Son Hang succeeds with dairy farming model. "In accordance with me Dairy cows give more economic efficiency than rice or planted. But livestock is also difficult, it is often cow or mouth disease, Long nails. Then farming for a long time and breeding through many F1, F2, it is ineffective, we have to choose the same, it is necessary to rely effectively, "Mr
Hang said. When the number of cows increased, the need for food and Environmental protection is an important factor. To resolve this issue, Mr. Hang has enforced its inefficient production soil to move to grass planting. Thanks to the project to support grass, corn, compost bags to perform silage incubators, reserve food with high nutrition, helping cows for very good milk quality. Then he borrowed capital to build a cool barn, built biogas tunnels, helping her herd to avoid common diseases in livestock. "For dairy cows, if there are capital and fores, choose a good breed, build cages True technical and airy farm ensures no disease. Cow farming for enough nothing, the grass must have many nutritions, milk will meet the standards of purchasing units, if they are raised but it will not be reached "- Mr. Hang shared. Participating in the province's dairy breeding project with only 3 cows, Mr. Hang has 18 dairy cows in their hands. In it, 6 children are milking with about 100kg of milk every day. With the price of milk sold for purchasing units, Vinamilk is from VND 14,000-14,500 / kg, if deducting the cost, every week, he gained over VND 6 million. The rest are 12 obstructors and calves. "Dairy farming is the main source of family income. 100 kg / day Milk squeezed for 1 week is 700kg, where purchasing units are calculated by week, when selling will be collected 9.5 million. In particular, except for a deposit of over VND 2.3 million, then electricity and water are about 1 million VND more than VND 6 million ". To increase the economic efficiency, Mr. Hang also boldly equipped More machines and equipment for livestock, such as grass, milking machines, cow-cooled fans. Not only that, he eliminates dairy cows for low productivity, focusing on care for good health, quality to ensure high-level milk rate per day. From economic efficiency in livestock, Now the family's family life has stabilized, every week has income from fresh milk. Mr. Hang also enthusiastically shares the effective cow care techniques that he learns for other livestock people, since then, helping cow adoptions apply to high economic efficiency. Hang Being a certificate of merit by Soc Trang Provincial People's Committee for many contributions in the implementation of the province's dairy breeding project ./. Thach Hong / VOV-Delta

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