Stagger With Do Anh Vu

'Stagger between humanity' is a criticism - the second essay of Do Anh Vu has just published that I received in the days of Covid-19. The book through the road is sent between the center of the epidemic as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift with a sincere donation: 00/6: 44nam south1. The book is quite thick, beautiful printing, impressive cover design with the title of Do Anh Vu: "Staggered between humanity". At first hearing, I imagined a Ly Bach Van Nhan Nhan to steal beyond to fly with the masterpieces without imitating. A bit of confidential funny life

. But I orgasm with this deep stripture. People who only observe the world with a straight look at the face, it is easy to prompt it. And knowing it was time to become accidental
Because sometimes it will only observe small towns, guys that are not necessarily true nature. People need to look at life to lean a little, soar a little bit, watching with a little sensitive spiritual feeling listened to the voice behind the eyes of the headset without seeing. Do Anh Vu used the mind to take care of each corner of life that observed the crazy person around him. To see themselves also staggered in the miraculous things around. Criticism, study Do Anh Vu.The enchanting this time is a collection of essays with what he saw, he observed, thought, drunk Immediately fly in every moment. Say as Assoc. Phung Gia The, which is the way "thinking and expressing unique worlds ..
a sinking with life, with poetry, which is there, every detail of the smallest life of cultural life, people, each Van Vi Case on Scenery, Friendship, Love, Nostalgia or Non-Sadness such as Garden, Rain, Clouds, One Why ... Sparkling America. The crushing, contemplating or surveying the object of the researcher here does not overwhelm the sensitivity of intuition, the emotional appeal of artist talent. "Staggering between humanity" is an enchanting of a writer of his country ". With Do Anh Vu, thought is the thinking towards a serious serious literary commentary, but accompanied by floppy of emotions. When the author took a pen written a small thesis, it was still a combination of intellectual enforcement of wisdom with tight evidence for his thesis. All these things become attractive toxic Fake. As long as the "Essays on Ends". A concept familiar to most of us. Who doesn't have an executive in life, then yourself becomes an executive of someone ... Read After finishing the post, folding books, readers suddenly are so crested to depositely, and are about a shadow. With a simple language capital that like a sparkling source, readers are caught in love Author. From the unconsciously turned off the call of whispering "Episy" of his heart. Please lead here the opening section of that essay: "Everything we always be associated with past and soy hybrid. Follow a feeling Normally, it is now that people have to pay more attention, and the future are forced to think about as well as facing. The past is what has passed, considered the current premise. There are beautiful past but also many pasts. And when people are living in the ears, they don't just remember the events, stories that have happened in their lives but also remember the balls Picture. There are silhouettes that are still easy to meet daily but there are also figures that have sunk in the corner of the corner. And suddenly one day, my heart uttered two tributers .... ". The cover" staggered between the humanity "of Do Anh Vu.Hay like the article" Debt ", how to discuss False fake philosophy and romantic, insidering the message of human love. Then the article "Giang Luc commented", the author shows us the beauty of the romantic wizard of the old writers. Thanks to the palace New posts have valuable literary works. Their conciliation of their wizard does, who does not want to "a handkerchy" imitates the old adventure of Lang Hai Ho, to beautiful areas of beautiful strange, Meeting Friends "Four Hai Brothers" Four tanks is home. Even, just a few days after everyday rice rice calls back, hit the mouth: "Ta Ta only gamo / Listen to the boiling rice also remember home "(Pham Huu Quang) .2. Close the part of a" meaningful domain "consisting of 24 essays about all topics, I stepped into part 2 of the book with the name" Follow the texts "of 8 posts Write an introduction to famous authors like the Hexagon, Dinh Hung, Cao B Asia and Li Bach, Nguyen Thang Manh, Bich Khe, Nguyen Binh, Nguyen Viet Chien and Ham Anh. Each essay gives readers a sympathy about the respect for each person, the understanding of the evaluation is quite accurate about the authors and their work. The first time of poetry is read as the acupuncture My perception: "I give you a letter / let it fall in your heart / like a dice of the six-sided dice to transform / once poured out: a whole season ..." (Ham Anh). Each essay carries one

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