Standing In Front Of The Storm Black Friday: Z Genh Is Always 175 Million Into Stock To Avoid Taking 200k Hunting Sale, U Is Heaven !!!

Not to Black Friday, young people have great ways to protect the safety wallet through the end of the storm sale.0: 00/5: 28 years of the year have always been the golden time for those who play shopping loves. Because only in 3 months, a series of large batches took place at a price that could not be more incentive. The most prominent among which must include Black Friday.Koongs from November 24 - November 28, Black Friday this year seemed to mark the "Vung Money" curtains overwhelmed by the young people, but in fact Not so

. From before the Sale took place, some people who wanted to buy fog to the fog to "Persons' addicts" have measures to not spend any co-for Black Friday. The one chooses to pour more money to invest in securities, who deletes the shopping app, Unfollow Page Sales or even thanks to his friends .
. due to the reason why they have to release limited measures Black Friday like that? "Down wallet" 175 million securities investment to avoid losing 200k saletrong eyes, Bao Tram (23 years old, tp.hcm) is really a "god" hunt for a series of cities Active Deal Racqueters cannot get better. But this year's Black Friday season, Bao Tram, making friends almost fall in the chair when he announced on shopping. From an addict "Numberp-ping", ready to spend tens of millions of purchases, Bao Tram deal with the whirlwind Sale Black Friday? "This year really has too many terrible preferences but the goods are not There are differences. Count the mist from Ho Chi Minh City to loosen ways to have 4 sales, I have no reason to embrace more items when things buy more than months haven't took out the pocket. That's the reason for shopping habits, I don't believe I will sit still in Black Friday. So right from 23, I quickly bought 5000 Code Hej with a total of about 175 million. Also shopping for hand-held hands but between 200k to buy sale and 175 million for stocks, it is clear that everyone can see any more wisdom ". The heart doesn't hurt "closer to Black Friday, Thao My (21 years old, Ho Chi Minh City), the more they see or uncomfortable in humans
In the several days, she kept all the mind on e-commerce floors, spent time watching, put in a few beautiful dishes. But to the minimum of my therapy, he turned to spend because of regret. Using it forever without a thorough solution, she decided to use "strong measures" to stop the opportunity to "swing too forehead" in the Black Friday season. "This year for epidemic, work Stable, my income decreases. It is about to come up to Tet, there are many things to spend, so I have to practice saving to not fall into miserable scenes. I don't see it, I choose to unfollow All sales or shopping to prevent sale Sale again. Left, aiming for not to keep the cold head I told me to remind friends, 'Fig to "don't slip with any compartments, suggest Remember your financial status. Such a new escape to buy unnecessary items and embrace this year through the month ". Life regret because of the Black Friday deal is more than poverty to Tet The money was not minh hieu (23 years old, Hanoi) did not know Black Friday had returned. Every day, he is not through shopping streets with a series of Red Sea, Cam Sea in announcing a shocking sale, where the floor is. Song, Minh Hieu shows the determination to stand outside the Storm Sale Black Friday by declaring extremely "harsh". "I would rather live in regret because of the shortness of the deal more than a bitter struggle to the Tet for shopping Black Friday. Every month of salary has more than a tens of millions of months, now the Sale Street is a terrible sale. It feels like you're 'trapping' for purse, without money to eat Tet or why. To not fall into 'pitfalls' That, I volunteered to put all the deposit into the savings book, registered a few more courses and pay money. Now, I want to buy, I don't have money to buy. Using money for useful things is how wise Best to avoid the Black Friday ". Credit card has just received the lock, the money automatically sent to a lover for sure there will be a plan to reward himself a Black Friday to swing the stress' but Ultimate My Trinh (24 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) again sucked away from stormy because of unpredictable reasons. Not to mention, to escape the psychological obsession without buying will regret it, the measure of her is also the most "tough" form. "From day 19-20, I quickly transferred the entire money in the card for Lover. Go to both credit cards, not yet full of weeks I have reported for sure to eat. With my shopping enthusiasts but also Black Friday, the wallet does not 'collapsed' novelty Then I also prepared for money to shop in Black Friday. But mid-this month the phone was broken, I just bought a new phone with a new 33 million. Also I also made a hair all 4 million, Booking tickets to Hanoi Christmas is nearly 4 million. Every money in one

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