‘stars’ Beauty: Learn How To Take Care Of Jennifer Aniston’s Skin, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Every time I caught the actress image I used to take on the role of Rachel in the famous TV series 'Friends', you probably wonder: How did she be young? 0: 00/3: 25 male Jennifer Aniston has entered the age of 52. In 2016, she was voted by PEOPLE magazine as the most beautiful woman in the world. Many people suspect Aniston used some magic trick to look younger than the real age. Even so, she was also generously sharing his beauty secret. The 52 energetic 52 energetic Jennifer Aniston respects Jennifer Aniston's skin care and sunscreen to cover some things that she complies very well Strict

. This is the beauty philosophy she has expressed with Vogue magazine: "In terms of emotions and mentalness, to become more beautiful, love yourself and love what you have been given - to really pearl Weight and take care of it. Besides adding enough water to the body, sleepy sleep is also extremely important so your appearance becomes radiant. "Maintain a healthy diet is a secret Aniston's other decision to maintain beauty
"I think just eating really good fruits and vegetables, of course it is to limit frying. The frying is bad, fresh water is also bad. Just fruits and vegetables, healthy lean proteins and water should be avoided Far from alcoholic drinks because they tend to dry your skin, "Aniston said. Beautiful actor likes to spend time in the sun. Of course, she also knows the importance of protecting skin from harmful UV rays. So she always puts sunscreen everywhere in the house. Also, Aniston regularly carries his hand lotion. Another professional tip that Aniston applies daily, which is to use body lotion right after bathing. According to Aniston, this is a way to provide additional water when the body is still humid. There has been a time, Aniston conducts laser treatment but in the long run is not effective
So she chooses some family devices for therapy to firm skin at home like infrared sauna. Used it for a while and share: "I do a few times a week right away After gym. I noticed changes in energy, sleep and his skin ".aniston also shared another beauty trick, which is" frozen eye mask and sticks ". She thinks that frozen sticks is an effective skin firming method at home can be used in the morning after leaving in the freezer overnight: "Another or different way that your face care doctor taught me Is taking a bowl of ice water, bouncing up to face about 25 times. This method works to wake your skin, "Aniston said.Jennifer Aniston owns firm skin, healthyjennifer Aniston worshiping the dark life mannaniston always hit Strong on how to look younger naturally. She has learned the value of "stripping make-up" since becoming a famous actor in Hollywood. The typical skin care habits of Aniston include exfoliating, masking and moisturizing creams. In everyday life, Aniston highlights minimalism. The working days are busy, she wakes up around 4:30 am. Start the day with 20-30 minutes of meditation and then eat breakfast and then practice.Aniston said: "Usually I will eat some food containing pure protein, then bananas, blueberries, cherries Frozen, mixed with green vegetables, maca powder and a little cocoa ". She often exercises gently after breakfast some other days, she eats toast and boiled eggs with a little butter, cereals with milk Almonds and bananas. "This dish is very delicious and you can use hot in the winter months," Aniston said. Weekends, she liked to cook themselves. The most favorite dish is pasta. See more videos are of interest:

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