Start-up And Core Problems On Manpower

Some elements in the Vietnam start-up ecosystem have had a strong development, but with many start-ups, there are still many difficult problems in governance, especially related to human resources. Illustration. Lack of start-up has a clear "exit" to Vietnam over 10 years ago, Ms. Thai Van Linh, CEO TVL Group found that the ecosystem of startups in the country was still young, there were no many investment funds. Dangerous

. Currently, Vietnam has qualified for a successful start-up ecosystem with entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capital funds ..
the Start-Up Viet is now grown up. And the reality on how to build and develop a company that makes Ms. Linh said that investment in Vietnam has the potential to grow and more opportunities in the long-distance race. In a more realistic perspective, he Louis Nguyen, Chairman of the Board, and General Director of Saigon Investment Fund Management Company (SAM) frankly, this ecosystem has not been able to complete it. According to him, when joining a market, even if there is a good growth rate, the start-ups also need to prove they have a successful "exit" with good multiples to attract investors. Aiming at the start-ups have the regional market attack strategy, Mr. Louis Nguyen always wanted to choose a clear "landing" way for the project. Enterprises in Vietnam with technology potentials High but not capable of marketing, creating messages and communicating reliable information to customers. Ms. Linh said that the shortcomings of soft skills are barriers to Vietnamese businesses when they want to dominate the domestic market or go abroad
In that time, Mr. Louis Nguyen said, when a business owned Breakthrough technology, global or ensuring benefits for investors, the reputation works well will attract potential investors. It is the story "before marketing". And to be able to access the big market, first of all, enterprises must seriously think of accession barriers, namely intellectual property rights and investors. A product or copying from a success model is only the first stage, while to actually create long-term value and development, they need capital and enforcement capabilities from the core team. People are still core as a marketing or technology factor, according to Ms. Nguyen Phi Van, Chairman of Retail Company

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