Statistics Before The Euro 2020 Final: Italy Has Never Lost To Him In The Big Tournament

Before the Euro 2020 finals, let's review notable statistics about the achievements of Italian and English in the past to have an overview of this very awaited confrontation.0: 00/2: 54 South Southern ● This is the 10th largest final tour of (6 World Cup periods, 4 Euro periods), only behind Germany in Europe. Azzurri champion Euro in 1968 but lost 2 most recent finals (2000 and 2012). ● This will be the first time England teams in the Euro finals and the first time they enter the finals A big tournament since won the 1966 World Cup championship. It was the longest distance between major tournament finals (World Cup / Euro) with any European country (55 years)

. ● Is The 13th National Countries are different from the Euro final (including Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic). Only 3 of the previous 12 countries lost their first finals: Yugoslavia (1960), Belgium (1980) and Portugal (2004). ● Only 3 teams each champion Euro at home: West Nha (1964), Italy (1968) and France (1984)
Portugal (2004) and France (2016) entered the final but lost. ● Italy had never lost to him in a large tournament (winning 4, including a victory penalty), winning 1-0 in Euro 1980 , 2-1 in the 1990s and 2014 World Cup and 0-0 before winning on penetration in Euro 2012. ● He only won 2 of 14 times the nearest Italian on every arena (Hoa 5 loses 7). ● This is the third largest tournament final (Euro / World Cup) held on Wembley. The previous two matches identified the winning team in the extra time: he defeated Germany in the 1966 World Cup and Germany defeated the Czech Republic in Euro 1996. ● He won 15/17 last game on Wembley on every arena, Scoring 46 goals and only conceded 5 goals. ● Italy unbeaten 33 most recent games in all arenas (winning 27 draws 6), scoring 86 goals and only conceded 10 goals. This is the longest unbeaten chain in this national football history. ● British 2-1 victory over Denmark in the semifinals is their 8th win in a match in the Large Tournament (World Cup / EURO) Under Gareth Southgate, helps this strategist stood on equal to the legendary coach Alf Ramsey, who helped him champion the world. ● Harry Kane has contributed to shoes at 28 goals in the last 27 go to the nearest field for England on every arena (19 goals, 9 assists)
Another goal will help him to become a player who scored the most goals for England in major tournaments (World Cup / Euro - currently 10, on par with Gary Lineker). ● His Raheem Sterling is a bridge The most successful drainage player in Euro 2020. 7 of them go straight to the enemy forbidden and helps Sterling earn a penalty in the semi-finals with Denmark.

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