Stay Away From 9 Types Of Food If You Want Smooth Skin, No Wrinkles

Smoothies, dried fruits, vegetable oils, yogurt flavored ... are foods that contain many sugars, sodium, sullary causing skin to lose water and weaken collagen of DA.0: 00/2: 27 NAM If you want to keep your young skin and do not have toxins, limit the consumption of the food list below

.1. Packed boxed soup contains many sodium sodiums that sodium absorb water in the body, causing you to dehydrate more than before. This can make skin dry and more prone to wrinkles
Fruit smoothies are unhealthy as we think because it contains many lines. Eating too many lines will have a bad effect on skin health because it involves collagen and skin structure. Drinking many smoothies can make your skin look harder, poor, loss of young levels, all because of sugar in fruits.3. Water increases forces with a lot of sugar and caffeine, both are not good for your skin. High sugar can affect collagen, and caffeine causes skin dehydration. Their combination will make your skin vulnerable and appear wrinkles.4. Fried frying items are not just not good for health but also make us feel old. The reason is that the food has been flourished, increases the compounds that cause inflammation in our bodies
It means that they will irritate our bodies, causing dermatitis, making the skin more vulnerable because of the external harm, from which the skin will be wrinkled. Vegetable oils of plants containing many metabolic fats should cause inflammation in the body, meaning that skin health will be weak, vulnerable to UV rays. As a result, the skin will appear wrinkles and bait spots.6. Fruit drying dried trees filled with sulfate so it will make the skin look older. The manufacturer needs sulfate to preserve fruits, but their harms are increasing the level of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals damage our cells, DNA and proteins, leading to early aging in wrinkles when they attack Collagen.7. Flora butter plants contain non-saturated fat harmful to the body. Fat in it causes the skin to dry and looks wrinkled more e.8. The pasta has been processed, like pasta, white rice and bread can harm the skin because they can damage collagen in your skin. These dishes have a great influence on the amount of sugar in the body. Eating them too much means that the skin is no longer elasticity, daring and wrinkled more than 9. Yogurt has a taste of taste that contains a lot of sugar. After you eat, these types will stick to and break the amino acids in collagen and elastin. This injury can lead to results of light wrinkles, sagging, early aging. Khue - CTV

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