Stick Collision Sensor Error, Mercedes-benz Vietnam Summoned The Glc Series

A series of SUV Mercedesbenz GLC samples are summoned in Vietnam due to the problem in the collision sensor in the two front doors, causing the system to limit the trigger and activate collision. Announcement of summoning GLC model with 200 4Matic, 300 4Matic versions (Number of X253) is manufactured and installed at the factory in Vietnam during the period from July 02020 to August 08/2020. There are currently no detailed information about the number of vehicles summoning this phase. The problem of the defective vehicles is in the collision sensors in the previous two doors. According to the summoning information from the Global Mercedes-Benz Group, "The lock structure of the electrical connector of the side of the side collide in the front door may not correspond to the specifications"

. Mercedes-Benz Viet Men summoned the GLC vehicle series due to the collision sensor error, the electrical connector of the side collision can be loosened by the time of use, resulting in the system limiting the collision (side airbags) Slow activation in the case of a car side collision, causing the effect of limiting the collision will decrease, meaning that the risk of injury for people sitting on the car will increase. Customers own the vehicles in the millions of millions Have to carry your means to Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers to check the collision sensors at the front and replacement if necessary. The time to perform the repair work expected to last about 3 hours
Before that, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam will summon Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 4Matic, GLC 300 4Matic (type X253) related to the bag system Party gas. These models must be assembled this time in Vietnam from July 2020 to August / 2020. According to Daimler Group's prizes as well as Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, the cause of this summoning period is due to The sensor and the two sides of the car (located at the front door) are connected incorrectly, so it can be loosened and leads to slower activation of airbags in cases of accidents. This increases the risk of injury of people sitting on the car. If some diodes are broken due to short circuits, abnormal current from the battery will pass through the generator to the sound of the vehicle. When this happens, the coils in the static part (stator) of the transmitter are heated, leading to a fire risk. To prevent this risk, it is necessary to update the control software for the engine control box (ECU), thereby optimizing the operation of the transmitter. Check and replace (if necessary) sensors Collision on both sides will be made for free at MBV's authorizations, with a period of 3 hours / car. Bao Linh (T / H)

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