Still With His Wife Eating Dinner But Shining Out Of Her Husband Who Was Alarmed When He Read The Paper She Wrote

'I met the outside of a dinner party. Personality, charming and smart girl, agile, cleverly said, attracting me right from the first meeting ', the husband said.02: 00/3: 36 South of the South without a woman who wants to kiss Nhan fails. They also wanted to be loved by her husband, faithful, together for life together. Living in the family that relatives lies together, unhappy is also a big kind of pressure

. The man has a perfect marriage so giving birth to this, a husband posted a sharing article about confusion I encountered. After a big mistake, until I wanted to return as originally, I couldn't keep up anymore. Many people want to come, want to go
Sometimes if you don't join hands together, the waiting for us will be regretful. My husband claims to be the worst among bad people. You have a social status, money and happy family but then kicks all the illustration. "My wife, she's poor, I am 8 years old, a gentle, beautiful girl understanding , Make sure, maybe it makes me too familiar to boredom, to go find another joy ... I met the external lemature at a dinner party. The personality, charming and intelligent girl, agile, cleverly said that had attracted me right from the first meeting, "he said. The marriage, he quickly immersed in new love. That mesother makes him not aware of the right, left, right, but only carefully came to personality
They are together on this day after the month. Even when he was with a mistress, his wife called him and didn't hear. Then, his wife also dimly discovered everything. But the way the wrong way of confronting her husband is surprised. "One day home when the night let go like always, I went back, my wife was sitting in the living room. I pured some reason to tell her. In response to my answer is no less than just a word 'sore'. Otherwise, she will argue out that this time becomes like that? She made me started to be afraid, "the husband shared. Ask the wife's wife to make him panic with a hunch that his wife realized all but the husband still managed to handle, trying to come with the joy on the side Outside. It is obviously unreasonable to marriage. Influsion with new love, he constantly does betraying wives and does not measure tomorrow. About the wife, maybe she has discovered all, just a painful pain, can't say Words. She also didn't want to let him have the opportunity to do it again. For those who were betrayed, once were painful enough to the end. A day, he went home earlier than every day, I saw my wife sitting on the table. Above is a delicious dinner. She didn't ask, not the attitude, not a tear. The illustration. I remembered: "Last night, she woke up, she disappeared as never before, leaving a letter with an internal letter Dung: 'I think it's time for me to leave me to enjoy my whole joy. I know you feel happier when she is next to her, the smart girl, so beautiful as she will help you More than you. Single divorce I have signed it, I don't need anything because it's all of you, I hope you are happy because of my decision, thank you for all ". Thank you for all". The phone for his wife is not possible. He also ran to his parent-minded house but no one knows where she goes. The man panicked and flipped with all corners but didn't find it. The way his wife left made her husband Betrays confusing and obsessing with the end. "Let's go to the city, why find a person who becomes like that? I know I'm wrong but why don't she give me the opportunity to correct, good I did something that was too hard to endure her, "he shared. It can be said that, once the frustration reaches the peak, women can completely make things beyond imagination. In Life, there are things that do not have the opportunity for people to think back, turn.Theo

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