Stir-fried Beef Is Too Used To It, Tonight Only 15 Minutes Is Available Immediately With A Delicious Soft Mixed Cow!

If you want a delicious dish but don't want to lose too much time in the hot kitchen, the simple beef mixer below is for you.00: 00/2: 18 nouples of the raw material1. 300g cow tenderloin 2. Red peppers 5 fruits 3. Blue peppers 2 fruits 4

. Garlic 1 tubercle with a small grass 6. Spices: Wine cooking, soy sauce, salt, oyster oil, vinegar, sugar, sesame roasted, paprika, cooking oil. Fried beef or cooking curry, stew and warehouse are too familiar
If you want to have a delicious soft beef but do super fast, you have to try it right away to make the beef below, make sure you don't make you disappointed at all! Beef less calories, high nutrition, protein rich, Amino acids, iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements, very good energy supplements for the human body, very suitable for eating in the summer. For those who have just feared fat, adding beef in the summer can not be more appropriate. Summer food: How to make the beef mixed with vegetables 1 on the raw material meat freshly buy and clean it to the refrigerator About 30 minutes later took a piece of beef and Thai Thanh sliced thinly.rau smelled, peppers washed and sewn small. The chopped garlic contains the flesh with the bowl, add 15ml of cooking wine and 30ml of light soy sauce, 8ml thick water with 8g of sugar, little salt into mix. Then add 1 spoons of mixing to mix. Beef marinated for 15 minutes. 5 meat is suitable for water in the pot, when water in a sparkling pot, for beef in. When water boils again, remove the beef right away.4 Morrow for beef garlic, powdered chili, sesame into the boiled beef bowl and add 15ml of cooking oil to mix well
Add 15ml of soy sauce, 15ml oystery oil, 15ml 15ml vinegar and 15g sugar with green peppers, red peppers, coriander into common mixing is finished. In the kitchen, the body has sweated. Therefore, dishes are fast and delicious as a mixed beef dish will be suitable for processing. Every piece of soft mixed beef is perverted with a strong spice that the processing does not require any cooking skills. You only take a few minutes to have a delicious beef plate. To make a mixed beef as above you will take about 15 minutes of processing with a cost of about VND 75,000. Successfully with how to make this mixed beef nhé! According to Vietnamese lives

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