Stir-fried Cabbage Or Get Into A Lot Of Water, The Chef Took This A Soft And Soft Vegetable

It turns out just noticing this when frying the cabbage will cause fresh vegetables, not soft and flowed in a lot of water.02: 00/2: 18 southern wealth is a familiar vegetable that can be processed into dishes like Pickle, stir-fry, boil, cook soup, steamed meat rolls, multiplying cake ... Generally depending on each person's preferences

. Cabbage rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, ..
Total vitamin content 3 times tomatoes should have antioxidant, anti-aging effects. It also has vitamin u, which works to heal ulcers very well, so those who have gastric ulcers can also eat cabbage. However, it is natural to fry the cabbage, many people complain about why why fried Many times, but cabbage is still in many countries leading to a soft vegetable status. The chef said that the heat adjustment when stir-fried with cabbage is very important, it affects the cabbage with a lot of water or not. Here is how to fry the cabbage of the chef, please refer to : Preparing: 1 cabbage, 1 little meat is only delicious, 5 dried chili (no spicy), green onion, ginger enough enough, 3 cloves garlic, salt, wine cooking, pale oil and 1 little oil Hao. He made: Adding pairs of cabbage, using a knife to remove the part of the cabbage then broke each leaf of cabbage. You can thai small cabbage or use your hand to tear the cabbage into pieces that eat and eat. Onions Wash Thai Khuc. Three only washed sliced slices. Peppers cut the pieces
This grease makes fried cabbage as delicious. This ginger, onion, garlic, dried chili (if you don't like it can be ignored) into frying for fragrance. Then for cabbage, now note Fire is big and stir-fried for 1 minute. Add some wine to cook with soy sauce, continue to stir for 2 minutes. Salt wedges and eat, oil, island about 30 seconds and then turns off the kitchen. Give the cabbage out and then enjoy. Do so, the principle to help cabbage does not go to the water when fried that it is for a big fire, the total time of stir-fried about 4-5 minutes, not so long, so long, so long water leaking. Also should not be quilted before frying vegetables into many countries. You can also add a little vinegar when cooking make her vegetables more. You are successful! According to Lam Anh (Translate from Sohu) (

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