Stories Eat, Drinking A Day Of Hanoi

Talking about eating, drinking a time of Hanoi people, probably readers will not be able to remember very talented talented pen such as Vu Bang, Nguyen Tuan, Thach Lam, ice paint ... Old Hanoi cuisine and now Still is the full topic to call the post. Hanoi people: Every time to eat, take a drink (Chibooks and NXB writer's Association) by author Vu The Long is such a book

. Reminiscovering, to explore a time where Hanoi people have eaten, process and creative cuisine, has a way to behave with the new culinary colors to enter the capital through migration streams , Exchange East - West, South - North ..
with 300 pages of books, Vu The Long is no different from a hospitable chef, taking care of and carefully gaped drinks on the banquet table for guests, real Tell age, enjoy. Items in turn are displayed, which water is filtered with glass bottles, violence, tea to familiar dishes but also strange like crabs, pho, and irritation ... every time attached to Hanoi people .

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