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Over 30 years, Guo Cao is considered a master watchmaker in Sai Gon.0 neck: 00/5: 07Nu Namco domain can, in Saigon there are many players repair and restoration of antique clocks that skilled and experience of teachers that do not know, but I know he Guo Gao (in men are called a Cao, the Vietnamese native Chaozhou) over 30 years is a highly hierarchical Ultimate watch-neck Saigon. This clock repairman is a brand, like the name he gave his stores a simple way: A Cao.That so, with any old watch what he considered only briefly A High outside, shook a few "diagnosis", said immediately to the client know what the clock is damaged, repair how long, how much money. And guests, whether familiar or strange, the clock repairman Prestige first, become a brand "certification requirements"

.If visitors, patrons or friends who want convictions watch "Miss buy" or knowingly bought or donated the clock "genuine" or dom, dom how much even a clock manufacturer in Switzerland or clock ..
"Hong Kong side Cholon" he A High as well as a brand "diagnose the source" and said the xac.A very high, master watchmaker shares in Sai GonCon remember the old days, an idle afternoon, I wandered on Dong Khoi street, District 1 to buy an Omega watch. Perhaps that is a fate impelled, I turn into a shop selling antique clock seems "grandiose" and look to buy Omega automatic watches are exhibited in glass cases which I enjoyed. Boss shop sold me personally and the price of 1,500,000, the price then with this money I buy more than 3 gold only if I give up the hobby clock co.Nhung me, hobby and Collectors antique clock is a passion so I decided to dig into their pockets to pay for shop owners without paying him a high gia.Toi familiar with from back then, and later, as I know his play a high body not only a clock repairman good, good friend that is a very interesting friend vi.Anh a Cao had told me about his life's vicissitudes, the period after 1975, when he went to buy junk, find things like glasses, gold-plated pens, especially the old clock that not only gold-plated 18K gold from shells, wire, machine, to needles, dials. Of course the value of old clocks, produced from Switzerland as Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Longine ..
only connoisseurs in Saigon before 1975 knows. After 1975, many families still hold but need the money, or do not know the value should sell very cheap and you A Cao made a career from items nayVa then the repair shop stock clocks, he rent the open road Dong Khoi, District 1. Vietnam is a native Chaozhou as A High "start-up" from the profession, "bread", as well as pay the Fire enrichment bottles burden by around alleys and side streets in Saigon. Of course, a high not comparable to Mr. Hua parterres of wealth and property, but his career "rich spiritual, non-material values". It is brand repair old A Higher Council nien.Dieu 3 decades he stayed at a high not just a repair, clock trafficking neck but he also played, passionate antique clock. Not only a lot of experience repairing and restoring old clock that the more ancient the more he studied to overcome these defects, edit it to perfection, to the point of not having to remove the clock, but only on the hands, glance pass, flick, listening machines inside a little is known in the production, damaged parts nao.A Cao not only are masters of the Sai world of watch-which he also artistic. And also because of the quality "artist" to his life, his career, his love and in many cases high A "on the elephant down dog" .Lan "down dog" but I know I have to live off empty-handed friends and "career building" by the store purchase, repair watches with brand A CAO is modest on Nguyen Thuong Hien street, District 3. Sometimes to play, I saw the familiar faces in the world of antique clocks players, including veteran divers he did in the shop of Dong Khoi street he sat meticulously edited hour clock for the past how anh.Trai ups and downs in life and career, at the age of more than half his life, he still painstakingly follow a vocational high not only for "bread". By "bread" is one more way to have more career choices and to do. A high especially with him could open furnace martial because he trained martial arts all the players and also a martial arts taught in a military unit. But his career as an antique clock repair interesting details passion and hobby machinery is "calibration period". I think, if you do not have enough patience, devotion, devoted to their professional career will be very few people choose antique clock repair. Because there are watches old very old, especially the wall clock that I see for the first time because of its ancient alone repair work was extremely difficult, there are other details to restoration " exactly "the same is extremely hard. But I still do duoc.Chinh A high so a career ups and downs, like strawberry tank watch-old craft, while fashion watches flooded the market. meet the

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