Story Of 12 Armor: The Aged And Rebellious Age Is The Better

Sometimes talented people, but lack of assertiveness cannot be successful, unless a companion helps them to promote potential strengths instance.0: 00/3: 16 nam southern domain to 12 borders, certainly Many things match and have unable to sit with each other. There are things that look outside no one thinks they can become close friends, or they can assist each other to comprehensively in life. Only when the two met together, let's understand each other, supplementing the prosperity for each other, then it was proven, they were a couple of financing. Those who said, to meet someone who is not something simple

. Each person himself needs to open his heart, to receive the opponent, and together to learn a common problem, then can promote together. There are pairs of armor, look very suitable but because they don't Along with the same direction, so when I have a story, everyone puts his ego on top, so it eventually nobody can succeed, and can even lead to breaking the relationship. Today, they I talked about the pair of armor, it seemed not faithful but unexpected
It was the age and age of his body. (Artwork) in fact, the old man was quite noisy, bustling, even those who were very talented, but they still lack a little lice so also city. On the contrary, the age of the armor can offset every shortcomings of the age of the torch, so if they do something together, it will definitely be successful, especially if the same business can be rich. Ty is the 6th among the 12 armor. The person who is good at goodness is smarter than people, knowing everything good opportunity to change life. Compared to other borders, a good age, but lacks consistency, do not know long distance, but always want to be immediately. Because of this shortcoming made them lose many opportunities. The age of the body, they are the 9th among 12 of the 12 armor, the age of the body has a unidental advantage that is perseverance, patiently in every situation. They may not be good at giang with others but know how to wait for a good opportunity, take and change their lives. In this case, if the age and age have the opportunity to cooperate with each other in a certain plan , Their prostheses can become a good advantage that helps both to build a career and earn a lot of money
(Artwork) Smallness is a true young girl. She is very fast and easy to catch everything around. Life of urination is not too rich, but it is enough to eat enough to wear it is also the ambition to build full life, but the ideas or plans that she cherished is not completed integrity. In other words, Xiao was quite stunted, there was no feeling of being safe so everything easily poured.So with urination, her dear was a sub-Châu as a relative, patient and patient Know learn. Tieu Chau is also a smart, intelligent person but of course not equal to urination. One day, Xiazhou was introduced by an acquaintance for a creative job in a company, but the temple knew this work suits you I am more urgent, so she introduced her friend to the company. Thanks to the pastries of Liazhou, Xiao was admitted to this company. However, Xiao lost sense of safety, did not trust others, so he hugged everything to make her feel stressed and tired. She has shared jobs with the temple, and finally has been shared by this friend, helping to overcome all the mental barriers. A time later, urgently with your silent help I have gradually been promoted, increasing the salary, and the success of this can not help but mention the help of sub-chau.Theo Law and readers

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