Story Of A Dirty Cloth Of Neighbors And A Her Husband’s Permeability Answer: The Wives’ Vocational “suddenly Make Their Families’ Garbage ‘!

They tell of people trying to find other errors, like bringing in the garbage storage, while not a few wives went 'craftsmanship' with story nay.0: 00/5: 16Nu dirty cloth and umbrella NamTam domain windows kinhCo a college story ever told reviews like this: a young couple moved to a new home. The next day his wife looked into the neighbor's house and said: "Tarpaulins dirty too. She does not know the laundry thoroughly or what?". The next day, his wife looked into the neighbor's house and still blame something lady neighbors dirty laundry and vulgar comments: "Women should not be doing laundry soul, how do the other kind

." Husband still im lang.Roi 1 day habit, his wife and neighbors to look into the mouth of the chorus "dirty laundry" when suddenly see today pale cloth, no stains nua.Co wife quickly told her husband: "it turned out she knew cleaning cloth clean, do not know who taught her for you?"
Now his new husband punctured straight talk: "he was wiping the glass in their windows then that "She makes her embarrassed face purple wife ngung.Cau intended general story about people, about the people who are looked away, looked at through the prism of subjectivity with prejudiced and jaundiced. They become easily frustrated, or judge and see around anybody who is guilty ... except minh.The but, we again see the similarities of the stories of wives. Assembly defame her husband eight increasingly crowded, the traders said that even days he was not guilty of the very thing het.Nhung wife, frowning, looking everywhere to see .
. racAnh Hoang An, 40, in Vinh Phuc, had heard her speak ill of her continuously from indirect to direct said: "Some days I go from the outside in and overheard my wife are wholesaler like popcorn with her friend over the phone: 'husband eyebrows what about support, but the old house I can not smell well, people do just lazy just dirty. Sometimes I do not know why the old days back to love is old does not know '. I heard that blushed, make the latter did not dare see your wife again. do not know when she wondered if now she is also interesting as the new love or not? But when she can criticize me mercilessly that sometimes I find myself trying How futile to ".A it was clear that when the happy, relaxed mood, we look at everybody comfortable, having something as easy to forgive and patient. But if keeping the mind that scavenged and spiteful, then everywhere is rac.Nhung many wives still constantly blame: the lazy husband dirty, do not know the home, children are nowhere hear, lazy school. Neighbor is bad, he even other black pair with her story this could affect his cooker full or with a so ... So the women surly, or see suffering, or see around 1 bunch of people around a sea bad and unlucky coal itself, clearly the same fate hanh.Ro 1 phenomenon things but my look different, for example: "Men think I should stop does not look angry anymore , nothing frankly "," children playing one new bit childish "," what the neighbors are stories of neighbors because they had decided life of their own, I do not have to insiders do not understand " . If thoughts like these quite positive women had a "head" ventilated less worries, anger, blame moc.Va again, if man you ever loved suddenly becomes bad so try to look at ourselves little. No exclusions have real bad guys, but in the process of love you do not recognize and he only "expose" them when entering marriage. But I mean many other sisters, the women are spiteful to her husband, with the world and garbage home and resentful that the cell environment female nhiem.Phu see "troubled world entitled "then perhaps you do not shed it again, ask yourself showing yourself, and how the other wives are going to wipe the front glass vay.Phu happy women want to" clean up "his mind whether truocKhi new love know that the opponent has weaknesses but you still defend himself: "He is tight but good action." While married and still the same person you scolding: "Men, what one question sentiments not speak let alone gifts for his wife. There's one up for her husband is ..." .A German philosopher once said: "beauty is not in the pink cheeks young woman in the eyes of the beholder", since when you have removed and replaced with pink glasses dark glasses toi.Lieu u have to life with rice rice shirt money, with bills and those striving to reach this end destination to the other makes your look color only pragmatic and negative. You take care to criticize others, to get the victory for him than praise, encouragement to jointly fist on dich.Khi you feel a lack of financing you will enjoy one seems jealous of wealthy . As you will see others angrily as'm saying, tell her bad. As well as finding the faults of others, you bring your own trash and put others in your home. As well as to care about the negative words of others ie you are getting from other people throw garbage minh.Phu women always wished to be carefree, innocent as children, but many

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