Strange Bee To Eat Meat Instead Of Nectar But Still Create A Sweet Honey

While the majority of bees rely on pollen and nectar for nutrients, a few are called 'Ong vultures' eat flesh, like vultures or hymen.0: 00/2: 21 Southern men are only a few decades ago, enthusiasts have discovered a fairly incredible finding that not all bees are eating pollen and nectar. Deep in the tropical forest of Costa Rica They found bees that seem to like to die more than flowers. In a recent published study, scientists reveal that these "vultures" children have strong intestinal bacteria that thrive in the environment. Acid, like bacteria found in the intestines of other meat-eating creatures, such as vultures and spirits

. Another surprising discovery is, despite their unusual diets The vulture still creates a sweet bile.Jessica Maccaro, an insecticular student study at the University of California, Riverside said: "The easiest way to imagine this bee is bee eating vegetarian. They evolved from the begess, the difference is the food "
The important thing indicates that even the hornets also only eat fresh meat, because the flesh often contains many bacteria capable of death, like Salmonella And other toxic compounds. That's why only some animals have stomach to deal with fiber-based diets, and including bee vulture. instead of nectar. By hanging the pieces of chicken live on the tree in the rainforest in Costa Rica, enthusiasts have attracted a large amount of vultures, some vulture bees eat both meat and suck Nectar, there are a few just like to eat meat. In their species just like to eat meat, their intestinal bacteria are different from common bacteria in Ong.quinn McFrederick, an entomologist at the University of California, Riverside for Know: "These bacteria are similar to bacteria found in reality in spiritual species and some other predators, helping to protect them from the pathogens appear on Live corpses ". One of the mysteries that enthusiasts will hope to discover in the coming time are what will happen to the corpse that bee vultures collect and store in special shells. They will keep up to two weeks, then directly consume or give young children to eat. Liskly, vultures will not touch the flesh in two weeks, so scientists are curious about What will happen during that time. Interestingly, scientists reported that although their die-eaten dumplings were still sweet and can be eaten
Even so, after knowing its diet, who will be brave enough to try its bile?

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