Strange Colored Fish Like The Moon On The Coast

Local people discovered orange fish weighing more than 45 kg on Sunset beach in Seaside, Oregon. The ocean schools learn to call a lot of colorful large fishes on the Oregon Coast, USA is a rare thing. The fish weighs more than 45 kg, called Opah fish. Opah fish, also known as Moonfish, Moon Fish is an extremely precious and not easy-to-catch fish in the deep sea. The Seaside Marine Institute said this fish rarely appeared on the Oregon Coast "and sharing pictures of fish 106 cm long

. Strange colored fish like the moon on the beachkeith Chandler, General Director of The Ocean Seaside Institute said that the moon fish on the Oregon coast is that the object is rarely found in the area and it is also a very beautiful shape fish. Keith Chandler said: "They are great fish , rarely see on the coast. This is an interesting opportunity for locals "
According to the US National Essence and Ocean (NOAA), scientists have very little information about this fish because they live deep at the ocean floor . This moon species often appear in temperate and tropical waters, rarely appear in the sea like Oregon. NOAA's website writing fish is orange, gray, the abdomen is orange with spots White. The mouth was red, the big eyes surrounded was the yellow skin. However, before driving on the shore, the fish died but the corpse still intact. Keith Chandler said they gave the fishermen preserved in The freezer of the aquarium. Hai Duong Seaside plans to work with the Columbia Maritime Museum, to dissect the fishing case. Chandler shares the teeth they want to collect all information on this fish .Thung Dung (translation)

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