Strange Disease Made The 16-year-old Girl Look Like Old Woman 60

As a young woman only 16 years old but Raizel Callago looks like a 60-year-old man due to a rare disease named Progeria, causing skin aging and wrinkles appearance.0: 00/2: 27 South men's sick Strangely, the 16-year-old girl looks like a woman 60. (Source: If only looks outside, perhaps everyone thinks Raizel Calago is a 60-year-old lady, not a young girl only 16 years old. Having a rare disease named Progeria, in less than two years, Raizel Callago has been from a beautiful youthful girl every war around the beauty contest, becoming an old woman Nua is no different from a old lady

. The Filipino young girl said he began noticing wrinkles appearing on the skin for a few days after being disappeared. On her body appeared red, itching, pain when touched. When it comes to the Health Inspection Hospital, she is concluded by a doctor because insects are caused by insects
Although taking the medicine according to the doctor's indications, the red spots on the skin are not relieved. Not long after that, Raizel began to notice changes both physically and his appearance. Now, it's hard to believe that she is only 16 years old. Raizel's Mother, Ms. Joela (36 years old), expressing emotions: "It's painful to hear people around saying that the girl looks older than me . She was extremely beautiful since he was a child, but now, its face is far away from the previous beauty. "Since the appearance appeared, the 16-year-old girl became extremely embarrassed, Self-nervous and dare not go out with friends like before. She always went out with a mask covering nearly all her face. All Raizel wishes now that everything comes back 2 years ago. "Everyone always asked me why my appearance was old
I didn't answer them because I didn't know what happened to myself. I always pray that I will be stronger and my old skin and appearance will come back. If so, I will be able to see my friends again. Now, I don't dare to do that because I'm too embarrassed, "Raizel told GMA Network. Nearby, Raizel Callago has appeared in a famous TV show and the production team brought her to a hormonal doctor James Young, who diagnosed Raizel with Progeria. This is an extremely rare disease, causing skin aging, wrinkles appearing, even causing patients to grow slowly, increase the risk of heart attack, heart failure and Stroke. Unfortunately, physical changes caused by Progeria's disease are irreversible. So all doctors can do now are trying their best to prevent cardiovascular related problems, treating osteoporosis and Raizel joints. These are two of the most common side effects of this strange disease ./. Minh Phuong (Vietnam)

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