Strange Disease One Million People Have 1 Person With And Without Treatment In Australia

Two girls in Australia have to play outside the beach at night and wear the protective clothes of beekeepers because of allergy to the sun.Ielle Walker, 8 years old in Sydney, Australia lives with rare diseases for years and sister Her, Taya, 3 years old, also has the same initial symptoms that are similar to worrying. That means simple pleasures in life like going sea during the day, going to the park playing under the glare sun Chang is unlikely to happen with two sisters. The strange sickness of one million people has a person with and without a treatment in AustraliaAielle Walker diagnosed with rare genetic disorders named Xeroderma Pigmentosum XP extremely sensitive With ultraviolet rays from sunlight. The outdoor game is simple to everyone but is a dangerous experience for Amelle Walker

. Mother of your baby discovered the strange symptom of daughter for the first time When Amielle suffered severe burns after a day of playing outside. Strange illness made the two sisters face many difficulties in life. Every time you go to school, it is imperative to participate in other outdoor essential activities, they have to wear protective clothing from head to toe, wearing a kind of ceiling for beekeepers, applying many creams Sunscreen
The baby's mother said: "I and my husband are the person who carries the gene with XP, the rate in Australia is one of one million new people who have and have no treatment." Strange disease causes both Babies lack an important part in DNA to be able to repair damaged skin cells after exposure to UV rays in sunlight. This means that their skin is vulnerable and does not recover the same as the skin of a normal person. The disease makes two children prone to skin cancer and need to check the malignant tumor three times a month . The two children also declined. In the short term, the family plans to turn the backyard of the house into a 'solar fortress' to bring a normal feeling for girls with an ultraviolet cover Full content (translation)

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