Strange Moon Cake Season In Ho Chi Minh City

Every year, in August lunar calendar, moon cakes are sold on the streets in Ho Chi Minh City. This year, this traditional cake market is quiet because of the influence of Covid-19 epidemic. Only one week will come to Mid-Autumn Festival. This year because Ho Chi Minh City is implementing a way to oppose 16, most moon cake shops are closed. Cach Mang Thang 8 (District 1, 3), Thanh Thai, Nguyen Tri Phuong (District 10), Pham Van Dong (Thu Duc City),

... No cake booths appear
Banh Nhu Lan (District 1 ) Being a rare store opened directly. It serves processed food for police force, army, medical staff at the beginning. Kim Anh is an employee doing disinfection spray jobs, taking advantage of holidays she bought 6 cake boxes for copper The karma is still in Ho Chi Minh City. The bakery in this store is quite diverse as the fish, the durian, durian, ... for 85,000 to 265,000 VND. "I went to buy cakes for relatives In the neighborhood. This year few points sell cakes, harder to buy, higher than every year ", Ms. Thuy in Cau Kho Ward, District 1 shared
" I bought dumplings, moon cake This year hears far away ", Germany Chung, F0 care volunteers say. According to him, everyone struggled in the fight against Covid-19. He hopes everyone loves his own joy, accepting a different mid-autumn season to the city quickly from the translation.Do the influence of Covid-19, as far as Lan, the cake brands like Kinh Do, Hai Ha, Friendship and Thu Huong are moved to sell online, absolutely do not open the counter, direct business stalls. BA (District 4) Buy at the Givral Bakery on Khanh Hoi. According to her, this year customers have very few choices and only enlist at the new vaccination to buy. Nguyen Huu Tri, representative of Trung Khanh Mid-Autumn Cake brand said this year the amount of cakes sold only 1/10 every year. "We have difficulty in importing raw materials. Since the city carried out in Directive 16, the raw materials are not about further, the price increases. We focus on paying wholesale for previously ordered companies" , he said. The display cake of Dong Khanh little new box samples. According to Mr. Tri, many companies this year choose to donate money instead of cakes for employees. Kinh Do stores in Ho Chi Minh City closed. The company distributes cakes through e-commerce floors and supermarkets. All lantern businesses in Hai Thuong Lan Ong street (District 5) are closed. Mr. Luu Van Thai lived here for decades, unprecedented this scene. "Every year, this town is preparing to organize unicorn dance, pick-up lights, give gifts to the children. This year, instead we focus on providing food and going to the people's market", he shared . Old lights with enough colors, shapes and sizes are still hanging. However, this year there is no hustle of shopping or young people feeding pictures. Huynh Danh - Phuong Lam

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