Strange Profession: ‘terrible’ Salary Of A Specialist ‘puppy’

With a salary of 75,000 USD / year, are you brave enough to be ready to become a puppy for a puppy? 0: 00/1: 46 NAMNHEs seem strange but tasting food for dogs Has become a real full-time job in the world with a "terrible" salary. According to the Guardian statistics, an employee in this field can be paid $ 30,000 (about VND 690 million) / year. Even if anyone has promoted the expert, they can earn up to 75,000 USD (about 1.7 billion dong) / year. This is finally asking what to pay to the towering salary So? All professionals in this field have to do is taste the dog food to ensure it meets the most accurate quality standards of a high-end brand

. After receiving the sample, they will have to evaluate the previous olfactory and then reach the taste. These people do this job requires knowledge and experience to determine this taste that dogs tend to like or hate . At the same time, it must be able to analyze and evaluate details, the scent until quality
"Although the dog's taste is different from us but the taste is the most important standard to adjust the component content . All content must be adjusted at the most equilibrium, "said Philip Wells, who managed to make Lily's Kitchen.wells dog dishes added, he quite liked the dishes he made and felt Feel comfortable when tasting it even if the user is not human. He explained that meat used in processing originated from animals that humans could consume. "All raw materials are fresh items like for people," Wells added . "I really feel scared when I used to taste some low quality products. It is terrible when our pets have to eat that ". Approve high pressure and sometimes surprise but Wells still love this job because it helps the dogs become healthier .Han

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