Strange Spring Sprinkle When Listening To Caller

Many ideas said that this stream understands people but also those who have given the explanation of the phenomenon of 9: 00/2: 47 South "Calling streams" is a strange stream located in Ban Lower village , in Tan Hoa town, Tu Tri district of Dao Phu Xuyen, Ha Chau City, Guangxi Province, China. The reason this stream is called so because it has extremely special characteristics, will erupt the water when hearing human calls. Local people said, they just need to use a few stones To create noise, more than a minute after the sweet and cool water flow will flow. After that, they knocked on a while, the stream of water in the stream would automatically collect. The village said this "calling stream" had a long time, gaining many generations of his father

. Every spring, farmers do farmers in the field nearby feel thirsty will come near the stream, shouting a few questions or typing in the rock several times, the water will flow and they use it to Drinking refreshments. The story of "calling" has the ability to spray water every time you hear a call, it seems to understand people, attracting the interest of many people and spreading on social networks. Everyone feels amazing and curious how this stream is formed and why it has strange capabilities
Anhli Shuangli, head of the geological environmental monitoring station Ha Chau and is an engineer Senior, has come to the place of understanding and thinking that the cause of this spring sprouting is not due to the call or typing of people.Anhli Shuangli.Anhli Shuangli said that "Calling stream" is a form of phenomenal Capillary of groundwater circuit. Such streams are mainly distributed in dolomite limestone or rocky areas, in weathered limestone areas due to flowing water or underground river. In the special geological creation of some caves , This stream type is generated by the sound and operation of aquatic animals. When people shout or create noises at the stream mouth, sound waves will be transmitted into a water cave, thereby causing physical sound effects such as resonance, echo and sound pressure. .., similar to the activity of a spring, thereby pushing the water line out. Headed by Shuangli said this stream is located in the hill land, surrounded by mountains and in the middle of the lowland area The surrounding mountain is Dolomit's limestone and rocks, very suitable for his explanation
Then there, some people in the village continue to share with reporters that this "call" only Add water in spring. In other seasons in the year, no matter how they call or create sounds, water from the stream will not flow. About this, Anhli Shuangli speculaes that the main water source of the stream is surface water, ie Water on the surface. The difference in the amount of water in the rainy season and the dry season is quite large, so newly affects the amount of water flowing into the seasons in the year. The problem of spring water sprays when listening to the call, then automatically withdrawn It is explained that the sound is transmitted in water, putting pressure and fluctuating on the water surface, from which the spring water will erupt. When the sound stops and disappears, the phenomenon of physical sound is weak, the water flow is also therefore withdrawing .Theo Khanh Hang / PLUS era

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