Strange Supernatural Ritual In ‘infinity Swimming Pool’ Period

Sturt Manning - Archaeological House at the University of Cornell in New York, one of the authors of the article - said this project can be built around 1436 TCN.'Phen infinity swimming 'built-in Italy More than 3,000 years ago. (Source: Livescience) Recent researchers discovered, a mysterious wooden architecture building - also called "infinity swimming pool", built in Italy More than 3,000 year. It is likely that this project has been used in a certain supernatural ritual. With a large size, when filling with water, this project will reflect the sky, giving viewers the feeling they are looking at Another world

.Sturt Manning - Archaeological houses at Cornell University in New York, one of the authors of research on the building above said it was built around 1436 BC. This is a period of time in the area with many cultural changes, strengthening this project hypothesis for new supernatural rituals. In addition, rituals and wooden figurines are found In the work partly, this hole is used as a divine sacrifice ritual
This ritual certificate has partly demonstrated the advantage of the ancient Persocult community for water and rain gods - An important weather phenomenon at that time. Archaeologists discovered the project in 2004, in the area near Noceto Town, north of Italy. The project is named "Vasca Votiva" - Italy means a sacred reservoir. The program has a length of about 12m, 7m wide and 3m deeper. The workers have chosen the position of digging on a hill top, at the bottom of the pit with a lot of oak, board or beams. The sedimentary class shows that this hole contains water, although the surrounding has no water channel. Many archaeologists also affirmed that this work is too complicated for irrigation reservoirs ./. Phuong Linh (Vietnam)

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