Strange Tribes Where Women Are Wearing Their Husband ‘horns’

Wives in tribal Wodaabe (Africa) are comfortable having sex with men other than their husbands, even if the mistress is the more handsome recommended khich.0: 00/4: domain 37Nu NamTrong cuonNhung people Niger's nomads, anthropologist Belgian Marion Van Offelen same American photographer Carol Beckwith reveals many interesting facts about this lost tribe Wodaabe.Bo living in the Republic of Niger, country located in West Africa. Wodaabe is one of the last tribes here nomadic life style. They belong to the Fula community, but also several other points biet

.Dan he Wodaabe.Chinh insisting tribal traditions hold makes this tribe called Wodaabe, in the Fula language means "those who considered seriously taboo ".The person Wodaabe people describe themselves as the birds in the bush, that" we never fixed anywhere
we do not leave marks on the places I went through. If stranger coming so close, we will fly to other trees ".Our women were considered as" a mistake "Every woman has married Wodaabe tribe has its own a house called suudu. The houses are located in rows, the oldest woman to be classified in the direction of the South Pole to express trong.Phu glasses pregnant women will leave the house when the husband to go home mother living and stay here until weaned. They will be called boofeydo, meaning that people make mistakes. During this period, they will not have intimate relations with women chong.Phu Wodaabe limited only during childbirth, then they can do anything yourself thich.Phai after about three years, they new husband back home. Their mother tongue will determine the exact time for his daughter and grandchildren back home informed gia
Khi, they will hold a ceremony to celebrate the woman who has officially become a family, children piece and its own suudu. Husbands will plaited a rope and handed the cash cow for his wife to take his wife soc.Cho "cuckolded" to give birth beautiful depSac very important for tribal people Wodaabe. They are also known under the name "tribe of beauty" .In cuonNhung Niger's nomads, anthropologist Marion Van Offelen wrote: "With people Wodaabe, beauty is extremely important, especially with the young man, "in other words, in Wodaabe tribes, the new man is considered to be fair. Contrary to Western culture, they should be responsible for attracting women. Therefore, they take longer than women to care little for the beauty and Wodaabe than.Dan he tried his best to make nice, even for his wife to have children dep.Neu adulterous man does not care care of their looks for a beautiful and thoughtful, he will be considered as a serious omission, because beauty is directly related to the main the.Cung by society too seriously beauty available to men Wodaabe foreign tinhvoi ready for his wife who is more handsome man so that they have children with good looks, it is never acceptable in cultures khac.Trong Meanwhile, those with disabilities or appearance often despised bad. They must be offset by the ingenuity, know how to behave and to please others (togu). Togu also considered a valuable asset to the Wodaabe.Neu bored husband, wife can out diTrong Wodaabe family, the husband never called her by name, nor even his parents call their children by name. Explaining this, anthropologist Marion Van Offelen that prohibiting use this name is related to the concept of the Wodaabe yeu.Trong opinion, if you love someone or something, you'll appreciate them and not express it out of the hides. Also because of this, they can not show affection or attention for the khac.Bi someone known by the name they were to be regarded as humiliation. Intimate gestures such as touching each other in public or communicate by eye is also considered incompatible hop.O Wodaabe peoples, robbed wife very common procedure. Woman can leave her husband if they could find other suitable men hon.Khi that her former husband would try to find his wife to flirt back. If unsuccessful, he will accept defeat, leaving his wife for "newcomers" .bat Any child in a previous marriage (except newborns) will live with her previous husband if the wife chose to leave .Dan he waited to take voGeerewol beauty contest is called beauty contest for men's Wodaabe tribe. Once a year, they held Geerewol, men will makeup and dressed in beautiful outfits Geerewol nhat.Cuoc's beauty pageant contestant Wodaabe.Cac will have a dose made from grass, bark mill crushed mixed with milk to increase endurance, excited to reveal all the beauty of the most beautiful ho.Nhung men will participate in the competition jumps can last up to a week. Those older women would reduce khao.Sau while watching the contestants danced, they will choose the 10 men depnhat continue dancing. Three most beautiful girls in the community will in turn choose men like that in the meantime In any group, the boys also make every effort to reach

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