Strange Unique Features On Little Neck Car

Previously, some classic car features are considered standards, but in the end they were unable to exist in front of the change of the time.0 of the year. -up is a very popular design trend in the 70s and 80s of the last century. The interesting point of this system is to have a "closed, open" mechanism as a real eye. (Photo: Hotcars) However, by the 90s, technology progress helps automobile manufacturers can Installation of different types of headlights

. Pop-up headlights are considered a hazard that affects cyclists and pedestrians. The front seat before tinging the seat belt becomes a requirement, the tape chair is the standard of most cars Family. The front seat is wide enough to be able to sit more than two people
(Photo: Hotcars) In the 20th century, in the US, this type of chair was very popular thanks to the spacious space. However, to the 21st century, car manufacturers gradually abandoned the bench at the top of the cabin. For example, Chrysler completely removed this design out of his car in 2004, Ford connected steps after 7 years. One of the last models with the front bench option is the standard version of the 9th generation Chevrolet Impala sold from 2006 to 2016. This day, most of the cars are the front benches for them Causing difficulties for installation of safety equipment such as airbags and hindering the use of safety efficiency. The brightness adjustment switch on this feature is originally mounted on automotive indicator Driving easy to transfer the headlights from a high light beam. After that, automobile manufacturers concluded that they would cause hazardous concentration and switch switches to the floor. (Photo: Hotcars) However, when cars moved from the back-to-drive system to drive Front bridges, the space in the pit so that legs became too cramped to install the light switch. Therefore, the brightness adjustment switch moves to the steering column in the 90s. Tobacco and lighters (Photo: Hotcars) ashtrays and lighters are common additional accessories on cars from these In 50 and 60
But with the changing lifestyle by community awareness of health-related hazards, car manufacturers have eliminated the ashtray and lighters on modern cars . After the 90s, ashtrays and lighters are replaced with accessories such as bulk trays, cup racks and wireless charging ports. Wireless glasses (Photo: Hotcars) A small glass can open Besides the main window there will be a ventilation role without tangling human hair sitting in the car, or not leaving rainwater strongly in. However, today, this design is no longer used. When the air conditioner becomes a standard equipped on most new cars, manufacturers see this details are excessive should remove.Op wooden body (Photo: Hotcars) Wood tiles for natural nature outside The body used to be a very popular design of some previous carriers. Wooden trucks are more expensive so it is usually only in the car of the upper class. But today the wood is used inside the car instead of the outside.

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