Strawberries Of Hao Mon, Tang Thanh Ha Also Eat Simple, All Vegetables

Tang Thanh Ha has a simple, cheap diet to hold the shape.0: 00/0: 32 nam mountainous in Thanh Ha from the day of mulberry homepage with a closed life but still regularly updated the items Eat well on your personal page. To keep shape, beautiful skin, beautiful people born in 1986 have Healthy diet. Her food is also popular, easy to buy. Tang Thanh Ha is always praised for the fascinating beauty

. In the diet of the former actor, she loves fruits like: butter, banana, blueberries, the Series of cereals. She also processed simple, limited fatty lipstick. Happy Thanh Ha especially likes to eat butter, the fruit of this nutrient is used regularly
Favorite protein-rich foods are favored by Yoga, Gym . Simple meals are boosting the fans. The nutritious, cheap nutritious, nutritious meals for a few tens of thousands of dongs. , cashew nuts, ... to make breakfast. The first 2-year-old mother likes to eat. Simple smoothies, including butter, kale, banana, delicious, Healthy she makes breakfast.

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