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In the introduction to 'Taste friendship' part 2 episode 34 revealed that she committed suicide after jumping Spring noisy charity. Worth mentioning, the South was the first to jump into the water to save her Spring. This makes the audience raised chieu.0 Comments left: 00/4: NamPhan introduce domain 27Nu movie opens with scenes Kang (Trinh Mai Nguyen) told me that she Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) call for mother tongue abroad want to settle but the lady refused. While both are wondering find Xuan where the sister Sam (Ming Ju) for the employees from the kitchen to panic says Xuan are people videotaped sit perched on the bridge, next to the suitcase of clothes

. People back home take clip urging arrived at the bridge right to timely advise giai.Canh Xuan sitting on the bridge was a passerby turned lai.Tren clip leaked online a video clip also shows South (Phuong Oanh ) was the first to jump down to save his dose Xuan, attached is the call "Mommy"
Right then three men crashed into their house Hoang Xuan pulled out of the brink death than.O previous episode, when she was Xuan Nguyet Nguyet and her lover about charity fraud, leading to the Ms. Spring was a group of people to verbally abuse, pommel, the South has also appeared on behalf of the mother and help move chong.O part 1 of the film, during a recurrent condition, Mrs. Dan (people's Artist Nhu Quynh) was mistaken appointment daughter in the park in the dark. Ms Tiger wandering alone, walking and called Quyen. Tiger thought she saw her daughter's ideas in front of the street to be rushed to the child, right now there is a rush to cars. Fortunately, the South appears timely and immediate rescue her parents Dan Long (Manh Truong) .Doan clip leaked Nam was the first scene jumped into her Xuan.Mot at other times, when Long and South on the road the thugs were blocking car someday
This name berate Long and Nam only because he was sent to jail for several months and to nab Long to calculate debt. Long was beaten, spit at Long turned to leave, he has players available lumpen knife and jumped into the stabbing Long. Suddenly saw this scene should be working on support for Nam Long a fatal knife causing her serious injuries hospitalized cuu.Tren level forum to discuss the film, many viewers synthesis of events and exclaimed: "Scriptwriters have feuded with the South or did to South miserable, want to marry into their house Huang suffered many humiliations, even to save up to 3 lives," "Being mother spurned again and other times and still protect the mother to the end! "," Oh, how the three men but to Male jumping um down at mom? ". Some comments may be identified after this time saved Men, Xuan will look back and love the South more. However, others say that the movie is too unfair to Nam.Ba Xuan always antipathy and prejudice to the South even as she was about to marry into the nha.Dieu was not unfounded, because since the wedding Long , bearing the name as a bride wear, but it has to confront many "waves" in the Imperial clan. Her first Spring - husband mother has never liked her capital from the outset. 3 years ago, Ms. Xuan was the outcry son relationship and the South because they think she is "mold roller tray lip double play", not homogamy with minh.Ba Xuan's son is who caused injustice that South when forced her into a corner, forced her to plead guilty knife up support services for Long ingratiating Long family. Until 3 years later, when Long decided to go back to the South, the whole family agreed but alone Xuan still outcry, even dare to press against Kang son of nullity. When Nam as a bride and she remained aversion, rejecting the dau.Thy by side but not content with her Nam.Ngoai Xuan Khanh Thy (Thu Quynh) who also detested South. Remember, previously Thy ever want to marry Long poised to make their home arena last Royal but she took the opportunity to throw for Long eyeing the South. Later when she Bich (Tu Oanh) quarrel with Mrs Sa (Meritorious Artist Thu Hanh), the more hate Thy Nam and her family hon.Gio enough skill games, tricks ultimately still just do Thy head, while South a step to make powerful chief bridesmaid. Thy were not pleased by Southern grandmother so superior underdog. Therefore, when a wife Nam Long, Thy front of everyone is happy her sister behind me with the South but not less scheming, planning, harmed her fake dau.Khan never worried about South Khang new kho.Ong had urged all Long quickly late on as his wife. But he has his own calculations, wanting Nam to help residents regain the spirit of fun, quick recovery after stroke. According to the evaluation of many viewers, like, Kang Nam are leveraging not necessary true loving relatives long.Ban loving residents are in the south but after seizure, lying motionless tools nor do much to protect the South again. Viewers also worried if not early healing tools then have to quit as South where home care ba.Chua matter, current South has yet nhậ

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