Stress, Anxiety Disorder, Want To Commit Suicide In People With Covid-19

Depression, anxiety disorder, stress, even wanting to bite suicide is the status of many people with Covid-19. With such a psychology, if not intervenively intervene in a timely psychology, the patient is easy to advance in addition to 9:00 to 6: 42 South Southern Vietnam on September 19, spent more than a month of treatment at the resuscitation BV -19 Ho Chi Minh City (Facility 2 of Ho Chi Minh City Cancer BV), Ms. Nguyen Thi H. Face does not hide the joy of discharge. H

. H. was completely awake, radiant eyes, no anxiety disorders. Before going home, Ms
H. Don't forget to write a thanks to the Y, Doctors and Volunteers who have treated, care for me. Who knows that this woman is more than a month ago As a person always in a disorder, perceptional disorder, refuses to coordinate with the medical treatment doctor. In the early stages of treatment, H. H. also took care of HFNC (high-line oxygen) and repeatedly intended to jump floors, bite suicide because he thought that her husband was lost due to Covid-19. Before Ra, Ms. H. was said that the doctor said her husband was stable after being isolated and advised her to stay healthy to continue taking care of 2 children. H
H. cried, sorry the doctor and nursing continuously for fear of people .TS. Title Thi Minh Thuy (outside the left) - Volunteers "special" at BVHo Jewelry Covid-19 constantly have to go to bed with chat, encouraging patients with Covid-19. Photo: BVCC True show, stress status, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia for many days are not only H. but is most of the people when discovering me accidentally becoming F0, unknown source Where to spread from, when. In particular, especially those who suffer from Covid-19 are severely and infected with psychology, depression because their loved ones lose due to the disease of Le Minh Thuan - Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Clinical psychology, BV Le Van Thinh is a direct person who supports treatment for the F0 BV to treat Covid-19 Number 2 Thu Duc. He is also the one who supports psychological treatment for f0 levels of mild level, the severe level of severe emergency resuscitation and both medical staff with Covid-19.s Le Minh Thuan shared, due to Covid treatment doctors -19 doesn't have much time to answer for the patient, Mr. Thuan will support issues related to all lifestyle behaviors, aspirations, and wonders of patients ... even, there are f0 suffers Heavy concerned about the postmusions of themselves, wanting to be informed of those things for relatives and families. At that time, he and his medical staff, volunteers seeking to encourage them, giving up their spirit. Throughout also said that when supporting Covid patients had generated many situations before Unprecedented in the curriculum or psychological treatment experience, which only occurs in the field hospital. He himself has to study and do and the psychological goal in the hospital is how to make F0 accept the situation of themselves, calm, cooperate, listen to the doctor during the treatment process. "Yes Many F0 They felt abandoned by having a sick person before they later, they felt sad. Many older people came here without their care should not want to eat, they cried. doctor, nursing right Eat they eat, finding every way to encourage them to overcome the mental crisis, accept that pain. When they accept it, they will pass, "Mr. Thuan said. Chat, encouraging patients with Covid-19 at the Panic Hospital to treat Covid-19 Phu Nhuan. Photo: Van NhiTuong Tu, Nghi Tu - Doctor of Tam Thi Minh Thuy Thi Minh Thuy (Psychological therapist of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities) - "Special" volunteers at Hospital Covid-19 Ho Chi Minh City said, receiving the invitation of the Board of Directors of Covid-19 Resuscitation BV Ho Chi Minh City, the nun is ready to contribute, helping the patients. "The first day I went around the hospital, It feels very impotent because there are so many heavy patients, can't talk. I just ask questions I don't know what I can help? After that, I approached the provincial patients, said It seems that many people encounter worries, panic, sad, depressed, do not want to eat. There are also many people lying still, do not say. I try to be patient to talk to patients, promote them , for them to eat, massage so that patients can communicate. "" Actually, anxiety, sad penalties are the main issues in patients with Covid-19. to overcome that period People adjacent to the companion listen, chat to help them T through ", Ti Tri Thi Minh Thuy said.Theo Bs Giang Ngoc Thuy Vy - Head of Department of Medicine Psychology, Ho Chi Minh City Psychological Hospital, Vietnam Psychotherapy Association, right from the start of outbreaks Covid-19, she saw not only the head medical staff with pressure that a lot of people were mentally crisis, fear of stress, especially when knowing him and the family made Covid-19. At the beginning from July 2021, BS Vy was accompanied by Covid-19 treatment doctors, psychological consultations for F0 to relieve stress, contributing to cheering, spiritual support for patients through

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