Stress Examination, Phuong My Chi Shoots Close-ups ‘strong Skin’ Everyone

The high school graduation exam has just finished, Phuong My Chi breaths a sigh of relief because of the burden. However, the skin of her probably needs to receive care and impregnation of stress examinations: 00: 00/2: 40 Southern regions are the lions that have ended the days of the national high school exam . In Vietnamese stars, there are many faces who are a member who participated in this year's exam. Featuring and receiving the most attention from the public is definitely "seven seven" Phuong My Chi./ Before the exam day, Phuong My Chi also "muddy" tips to graduate to graduate

. Her Video Tiktok collected 1 million views, climbing the top trending for his mildness. Famously known when she was young and received a lot of care from media, Phuong My Chi was always trying to complete My studies. The day of the exam, the female singer still sent his comforts to his friends
The sibling entered the exam had a lot of worries, making the celebrity more stressed. "Seven seven" even though not a charcoal on the personal page, everyone can understand her responsibility in this exam. Perhaps it was so right at the end of the Graduation Exam, the Voice of my country in the country took up the status of his status on the Story Personal page to make anyone feel injured. The skin on the forehead, cheek , under the chin, the pimples are fragrant. Not only that, she was also suffering from the whole mouth of Europe, because he was so concentrated for the exam too! Immediately after the exam finished, the female singer opened the Livestream to reassure fans that he was fine and okay . However, she still needs a thin layer of cushions to cover those spots and more confident when chatting with everyone. My chi is usually a mascot of a social network. Increasingly, the bigger her girl and the beautiful girl appeared. The rustic skin of 10x has a tension and less shortness. Maybe, those who have just experienced a string of learning or stressful working days will also understand their skin conditions
The skin is the largest body of the body, playing an important barrier and immunological function. Stress causes chemical reactions in the body that makes the skin sensitive and reaction more. Joshua Zeichner workers work Mount Sinai Hospital, New York said: "Stress is not you for crystal god and skin ". The longer the stress slows down the digestion process causing the natural imbalance of intestinal bacteria, leading to inflammatory body, the skin is prone to pimples, long-lasting wounds, darkening, greasy hypertension, .. . Make sure, you will need to rectify your skin care as well as your life to compensate for the skin! Eating lots of vegetables and vegetables who need to avoid using processed foods or artificial feed and sweetness. Choose fruit to change artificial sugar, olive oil instead of margarine and red meat instead. The line after digestion will create links with collagen, called the glycation process. Losing collagen will make your skin more frightened. In addition, consumption of rich antioxidants also brings similar effects. My Chi is now able to comfortably eat fruits with high vitamins and antioxidants such as butter, guava, Cherry, ... sleeping enough sleep, drinking enough water to play an important role in healing wounds, minimizing stress. Insomnia caused the body to fall into a lethargy, skin down and dull. Just sleep enough a combination of drinking enough water is the skin that has been "bathed" and recovered more freshly. Country also plays a role in diluting lubricants, reducing seborrhea for oily skin that few people pay attention, you also note to work hard to wash the pillow to be careful to reduce dirt stick The skin is clearly cleaned up, the people with acne have problems with skin cleaning. People often worry and populate too much attention to nurturing products that neglect and keep clean. Acne rushes rising to the skin of a part due to stress and all due to dirty skin, the essential oil causes the buckle of hair follicles. When the skin is deeply cleaned, efficient, the skin care products later have osmosis opportunities. Whether at home but still need to ensure cleaning stitches such as makeup remover, cleanser, sauna, exfoliating steadily, looking at Phuong My Chi zealous because the skin is only at home, not going, Do not apply the makeup that the bleaching cotton is dirty like the road is enough to understand the importance of how to remove the page.

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